Friday, September 19, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  9/19/2008 6:48 PM  |  Flag  
If you watch the video the last sentence is very poignant. The man was fined. Tough isn't it----?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  9/19/2008 7:14 PM  |  Flag  
This did not slip by me either.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  9/20/2008 3:32 AM  |  Flag  
I can't believe these two women -- SO BRAVE! I cannot in anyway imagine what they have gone through, and what they will continue to go through. I found an old article from 2001, when the attack happened:

"Family members and neighbors beat the dog, who dragged the girl around like a rag doll, with sticks and rocks to free her. The City Bureau of Animal Control destroyed the dog because of injuries it suffered during the attack. The city issued 10 citations against the owner, Norman Jenkins, who lives on the same block as the victim's grandparents."
"She'll need long-term follow-up to check for growth and observe the scarring," Robertson said. "It wouldn't surprise me in the least if she required periodic touchups of scars..." The big problem for Kasey, Robertson said, is whether the injury disturbed the natural growth of the left side of her face and her nose, and whether the reconstruction will grow with her.

"The other thing is, the nerve that allows your face to animate, raise your eyebrows, wink, etc., was damaged significantly," Robertson said. "How much return of function is hard to say." Robertson estimated the amount Kasey's family owes in medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Seven years later and she's still undergoing scar surgery. I can't imagine her treatment is under half a million dollars by now.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  9/20/2008 5:21 PM  |  Flag  
No mention of how the pit owner is paying these medical bills...Lemme guess...probably not even a pot to pee in.

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