Saturday, August 16, 2008

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Anonymous Mrs.Poodle  |  8/14/2008 3:49 PM  |  Flag  
Teaching a pit to jump up against people, the woman is a complete idiot. I don't even allow my toy poodle to do that. It's unwanted by people. It's also a form of domination by the dog. Not something you want to encourage in any breed of dog.

Anonymous dude i bagged ur pit  |  8/14/2008 4:48 PM  |  Flag  
Yep, looks like Premer is another indoctrinated idiot. If I were ever to mutter such a thing in that context, not to mention the existence of contrary proof by similar incidents numbering in the tens of thousands, I hope somebody hits me with a Tazer and stays on the trigger until the shock has reached a therapeutic level.

God help this cult clone.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  8/15/2008 4:52 AM  |  Flag  
Is this the same idiot with Dozer II after Dozer I was euth'd back in June? Or did Dozer escape being euth'd by clueless A?C personnel?

Is this the same girl?!

"There's nothing wrong with pit bulls. They're good dogs, but they do take a little bit more on (the) aspect of taking care of them. You watch," he added, "My next one's gonna be really scary."

feelin' sick....

Anonymous Anonymous  |  8/15/2008 5:02 AM  |  Flag  
Below is the press release issued by my office within the past hour. Due to her age - APD will not identify the juvenile vicitm at this time.

Police news release:

Case Number: 08-37678
Subject: Pit Bull Attacks Eastside Six Year-Old – Neighbors Credited for Helping

At about 2:24 PM on Tuesday – August 12th 2008 – Anchorage Police Day Shift Patrol Officers responded to a mobile home located at the 3300 block of Boniface Parkway to the reports of a dog attack.

According to the caller – a male neighbor – an adult male Pit Bull Terrier attacked a 6 year-old female in her mobile home. The neighbor – Troy Danforth was summoned by a 20 year-old caregiver of two young girls to assist the 6 year-old child. Troy Danforth armed himself with a handgun and ran to the neighboring home.

Danforth later told police that the male Pit Bull – known to him as ‘Dozer’ – was biting the babysitter in the arm as he approached the home. Danforth explained that he could see the six year-old lying lifeless on the floor of her home.

Danforth told officers that he kicked and yelled at the dog, and that Dozer released the arm of the babysitter. Danforth further explained that as Dozer began to run toward him, he fired at the dog with a handgun. Danforth stated that the dog would turn, run a few feet and turn towards him in another attack run. Danforth explained that he fired three or four times total at the dog during these attacks.

APD and AFD Dispatchers were told early on by the callers that the girl and the dog appeared dead at the time of their call. Responding officers discovered the dog – Dozer- alive and wounded lying under a snowmachine trailer in the nearby yard. Dozer is in the custody and care of Anchorage Animal Control. The fate of the animal will be determined at the conclusion of an investigation.

AFD Paramedics transported the 6 year-old girl by ambulance to a local hospital for emergency treatment. At last word, the girl had sustained life threatening injuries to her upper torso and was in critical condition. Late reports indicated that the victim was undergoing emergency surgery.

Note – The Anchorage Police Department would like to thank those persons who extended their help during and after this animal attack. The immediate efforts of Troy Danforth and Specialist 4th Class Kyle Mayeaux of the U.S. Army Alaska may have saved further injury and possible loss of life.

Anonymous Trigger  |  8/16/2008 3:02 AM  |  Flag  
She does the "jumpty-jump" with the pit bull then claps her hands like a complete fool. Hand clapping can send a pit bull into berserker mode! Also notice that Premer is a "volunteer" coordinator. Unpaid, she calls herself a person that "specializes" in working with pit bulls. This is not unlike our friend Jim Crosby that investigates fatal dog attacks for FREE and offers a hokey whitewash analysis.

Premer must have been devastated after the dog owners chose to euthanize Dozer. Harnessed with the Lion Tamer Complex, Premer must of thought SHE could have "fixed" Dozer and made him a safe dog. According to her "extensive" experience with pit bulls, a simple snap of the fingers can stop an unprovoked attack. Premer clearly does not understand what happens when a pit bull attacks.

It's really too bad and a disservice that news teams give people like Premer a voice. The voice only serves to give grandparents and unsuspecting parents a false sense of safety about these animals. I imagine the parents of the young girl attacked are beating themselves to a pulp right now, wishing they had never bought or adopted Dozer. Too late now, the child's life is forever ruined. We can thank folks like Premer for this...

Anonymous Anonymous  |  8/16/2008 8:48 PM  |  Flag  
Now for almost a decade I have spoken to victims of dog attacks mainly pit bulls. The people that leave their children with this dog is unbelievable. You Tube is filled with these idiots having their pit bulls lick their infants. Sometimes it ends like this one--in a tragedy. These parents should be jailed. Also, for the local expert on pits --these dogs are very unpredictable a trait that helps them in the fighting pit. They should NEVER be around little children you stupid buffoon.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  8/18/2008 9:26 AM  |  Flag  
Another Anchorage attack:

Anonymous Anonymous  |  8/18/2008 6:31 PM  |  Flag  
Reports now coming out this little girl has died.

Anonymous blue'smom  |  8/18/2008 7:27 PM  |  Flag  
Isis Krieger has just died, I hope her dad got home in time.

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