Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/28/2008 3:50 AM  |  Flag  
Sheesh!...Can the Animal Control Community coddle negligent dog owners anymore? Part of the registration is ensuring the dogs are current on important public safety function.

Offer a one-time amnesty then start hauling the scofflaws in front of judges and fill the AC coffers.... How hard can it be?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  5/28/2008 7:16 AM  |  Flag  
The irony here is that in the year 2000, the city of LA took out $154 Million bond to fund new animal sheltersand subsequently raised property taxes....and these putzes aren't even collecting license fees!

Interesting history of this guy..Ed Bok a true Pit Nutter...

In NY, he put forth a branding initiative to rename Pit Bulls.. "New Yorkies", cuz they're so kind and generous.

In LA, he established a Pit Bull Training Academy staffed by prison inmates and parolees to reduce the amount of Pit euthanizations. (Didn't Peter Strauss just get mauled by a fence jumpin LA shelter Pit recently?!)

It's becoming clear that the Animal Control world desperately needs an enema...

Anonymous Anonymous  |  6/05/2008 1:50 AM  |  Flag  
I have been bitten by a dog belonging to 6363 W 84th St,
westchester, ca-90045. It has been
4 days the owners have not provided
me with the dog's vaccine record or
even bothered to see how I am doing.
I bet the owners Paula and Tina dont have the dog's licence.

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