Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/16/2008 4:32 AM  |  Flag  
For community service he should have to appear on Dr Phil and explain the pitfalls of "Lion Tamer" complex.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/16/2008 11:28 AM  |  Flag  
No doubt McGalliard was schooled by council on 'How to Express Remorse' after the first hearing.

21K seems like a paltry amount for a beloved family Arabian, but I guess it beats the judgement proof cases. McGalliard gets 30 days of 3 square meals and free cable TV... at least he won't be able to say he didn't have time to figure out how to come up with the 21 grand (although he probably never will.)

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/16/2008 11:40 AM  |  Flag  
remorse for sepulvada and her horse or himself?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/16/2008 12:29 PM  |  Flag  
30 days and $22,000 hardly seems punishment enough. I hope there is a civil pending.

Blogger Packhorse  |  7/28/2011 10:26 AM  |  Flag  
"her" injuries. The poor victim was obviously female.

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