Thursday, April 17, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/16/2008 4:31 PM  |  Flag  
But animal aggression is completely different than human aggression!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/16/2008 5:34 PM  |  Flag  
zippo, nada, zero, no sympathy or concern for elizabeth whatsoever. i could care less if she survives.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/16/2008 6:16 PM  |  Flag  
This guy nails it:

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/16/2008 6:45 PM  |  Flag  
I love the video with Elizabeth's friend and fellow pit bull owner giving account of the pit bull, "This is not a random dog... Everybody loves this dog."

Bwaaaaaaahahahaha! Idiots!

This is why I always hope victims of attacks by their own pit bulls survive. They get to come back and tell us how pit bulls are just misunderstood, again!

Anonymous Dee  |  4/16/2008 6:55 PM  |  Flag  
I have not laughed so hard in DAYS anonymous! So misunderstood, so darn misunderstood!

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/17/2008 4:49 AM  |  Flag  
Gotta love the way these pit nutters rally to spew talking points after another indefensable mauling. It's almost as if they feel a solemn duty to their misguided Pit Bull friends.

If they only felt such an obligation to public safety.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/17/2008 3:51 PM  |  Flag  
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