Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Anonymous David  |  4/16/2008 10:54 PM  |  Flag  
Doesn't know how they got out.
Wouldn't hurt a fly, and yet the little boy has 156 stitches.
These people are truly insane.

Anonymous Dee  |  4/16/2008 11:25 PM  |  Flag  
The situation sounds bad -- very bad. I think in time, one of the victim's family will come out and share their side of the story. I hope so. Moron Santiago is hogging the headlines as the victim's family suffer shock and horror.

Anonymous schultz  |  4/17/2008 1:32 AM  |  Flag  
so the boxer's name is 'hitman' and the owner thinks the PREVIOUS owner fought him.

sounds like santiago is trying to make the dog into the victim and himself a rescue angel.
practicing for the judge?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/17/2008 1:55 AM  |  Flag  
Female looks like she's got young -- where are those pups?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/17/2008 4:25 AM  |  Flag  
Don't worry...Pit Bull community safety experts are descending onto the scene to determine whether Human Aggressive Pits have been added to the genepool.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/17/2008 8:30 AM  |  Flag  
I bet my life savings that the "boxer" isn't really a boxer....I have friends who have owned purebred boxers for years. Brachycephalic breeds have no endurance; they wouldn't last long in a fighting ring.

The dog in the picture is a nursing female. Where is he hiding the puppies?

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