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15 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 40, Killed by Family Pit Bull-Mix in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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  1. Meanwhile the alarm sounds at the pit bull war room. A plan is laid out to flood rescuers to Oakland county to save these heroic happy dogs from martyrdom and transport them via the “save ’em all” railroad to a land of peace, love, and freedom.

    This…along with inquiries directed to the media demanding that they cease such vicious and blatantly racist reporting against the breed of peace. They obviously aren’t seeing the whole picture or reporting all the facts.

    • This is the best tongue-in-cheek “rescue” rationale I’ve read in awhile. (Sometimes, gallows humor is needed because these people are so stupid.) And…I know this is so tragic in so many ways. The only saving grace, it wasn’t a child or anyone else in the wrong place at the wrong time. But, of course, owning a pit/pit-mix puts you and your family in the wrong place with the wrong dog ALL the time. I truly hate these dogs.

    • Todd,
      Don’t forget the deserved *millions* being shoveled into those lobbyists and rescuer’s pockets in a mass effort to “save them all” being they’re all smiley and waggy and stuffs and look cute in pajamas.

      Cuz they’re like, man, the Gandhi of dog breeds.

      We’re all heretics, here…

  2. Getting killed by one’s own dog is tragic and only started in the USA with pitbull insanity. I wonder if there were not any previous signs that the dog was king in his house. The fact that another relative could have easily put the dog in a secure place means that this dog was mentally unstable.
    The most dangerous dog is the one that is dangerous only 1% or less of the time.

    Did the dog belong to a relative who had brought the dog to the deceased man’s home because he couldn’t keep the dog where he lived?

    On several occasions I have been asked to babysit pitbulls. The owner always promises the dog’s stay will be brief even though the intent is abandonment.

    • Agree. Years back, before the “gotta save ’em all” mentality sprouted, I worked at a county SPCA. We could spare truly dominant dogs -mainly shepherds dobies and rotts via a responsible guard dog company. They were unsentimental but fair to to dogs. Unstable dogs were euthanized. Too unreliable to be guard dogs, not suitable for pets. Pink juice.

      • Learning, spot on.

        Dominant, pushy, energetic but *stable* working breed dogs can do protection work. But they can be ‘way more dog than the average owner can handle.

        Pitbulls are unstable. Period. More than half are dangerously dog aggressive when they mature. That’s an absolutely crap gamble to take and one nobody who is spending thousands to train a working dog, wants to take.

        In fact, when a dog handler is working a protection dog–unstable pitbull owners can often be the biggest menace they face on the job.

          • The only time I even saw pits back then were when I did high risk security and the drug dealers were too cheap to buy a Rottweiler. The rest were owned by dog fighters (sometimes the owners were both) Regular people almost never owned them

            Then, these same idiots threatened to sic their cheap-azz pitbulls on our expensive-trained, working dogs.

            One of my trained Bouviers ripped a young pitbull apart that a neighbour let loose (mine won because we were all buying “anti-pitbull” collars back then and I was leaving for work)– we were threatened frequently by these idiots. I was horrified. My dog was fine and never again fought with another dog. Therein lies the difference.

            It’s where my “ban-em all” stance came from.

            When I tried working with pitbull owners when I was training dogs–they couldn’t/wouldn’t follow simple instructions on household management of a potentially dangerous, highly excitable, destructive, dog. Most were afraid of their own dog–a not unusual problem in people with big dogs they can’t handle.

            Pitbulls are a weapon. They just are a volatile, unsafe, one. Nobody needs one. They have zero use in a civilized society.

  3. bear hugs and faux neck biting in the pics assure they were handsy and probably rolled around playing tug with it

  4. Another death by the most lovable dog on earth.he died because he believed in the pitbull are misunderstood dog.I wonder how long he have his dangerous dog years or months.I know that they are going to blame the owner not the dog.he was abusing him he want to play with him but he had to yard work someone thing else killed him he was guarding his body he probably train him to be bad.

  5. I had to share this sign I found.

    Not included: All 4 legs.
    Included: Pit bull’s penis.

    You can see what is important to this crowd.
    Sorry the link is so long.

    I thought this pic summed up the crowd pretty well ” Hey! My dog has a big wang and he will kill you. If somehow my dog doesn’t manage to kill you, I will kill you if you hurt my dog.”

    The same crowd that brought us “Adolph Pitler” is impossible to parody.

    They are beyond parody.

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