2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Letter Carrier Dies After Pit Bull Attack in Escondido

Postal worker Diane Jansen, 59, died of a stroke after being attacked by a pit bull. Victim Dies After Dog Attack Escondido, CA - A postal worker that was attacked by a pit bull on March 1 has died, reports The San Diego Union Tribune. The San Diego County medical examiner's office identified the victim as 59-year old Diane Jansen. She died Sunday at Palomar Medical Center. The cause of death was listed as left basal ganglia hemorrhagic stroke due to hypertensive atheroscleroti… [Read full blog post]

Oceanside Letter Carrier Dies After 'Non Bite' Injury from Rottweiler

Letter carrier dies after being ambushed by a rottweiler in Oceanside, California. Fatal Brain Injury Oceanside, CA - A 33-year old letter carrier died earlier this month after a rottweiler lunged at him along his Oceanside route, causing him to fall and suffer a fatal head injury. Letter carrier Hao Yun "Eddie" Lin encountered the dog while delivering mail on May 25 in the 500 block of Stanley Street, according to postal inspector Slivia Torres. Oceanside police were alert… [Read full blog post]

Norwich Post Office Awards Veteran For Intervening in Pit Bull Attack

Tage Wright honored for saving letter carrier Jeff Glenn (right) from violent pit bulls. Good "Hammeritan" archived Norwich, CN - In early May, the violent pit bull attack on letter carrier Jeff Glen rifled across the web. The owner of the pit bulls, 19-year old David Holland, personified the stereotypical pit bull owner by laughing about the attack on camera and casually taking a swig from the drink in his hand. Holland also owned a lineage of biting pit bulls. Glen suffered s… [Read full blog post]

Editorial: Retired Mail Carrier Speaks Out After Fatal Pit Bull Maulings

More Fatal Maulings San Antonio, TX - In the aftermath of two recent fatal attacks in the State of Texas, both of which involved pit bulls, MySanAntonio.com has been running letters from members of the public. We've chosen this poignant letter from retired mail carrier Steven Stenberg who writes exactly on point about the unique and specific dangers pit bulls pose to members of the community, particularly to children and senior citizens. We remind readers that Texas is the p… [Read full blog post]