Pit Bull Bite Causes Massive Heart Attack; Ashland County Man Dies

Story Unfolding Sullivan, OH - The Mansfield News Journal reports that an Ashland County man died Sunday evening after trying to break up a fight between his bulldog and his son's pit bull terrier. During the fight, the pit bull latched onto his hand. When the family tried to get the dog to release its grip, the victim reportedly passed out and stopped breathing. Cary Grant, 56, was taken to Lodi General Hospital where according to his son, suffered a "massive heart attack" and d… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Dog Aggression: East Texas Man Dies Fighting Off Pit Bulls in Van Zandt County

Richard Martratt, 64, suffered a fatal heart attack after intervening in a dog fight. "Non Bite" Fatality Van Zandt County, TX - It was reported over the holiday weekend that a 64-year old man died, apparently due to a heart attack, and a 78-year old woman suffered serious head injuries after intervening in a violent dog fight involving two pit bull-type dogs. The dogs escaped their owner's property and attacked Joan Hardin's border collie. Hardin had been outside, along wit… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills 65-Year Old Woman in Lee County

Injuries "Severe" UPDATE 03/08/10: Lee County Coroner Alfred Elmore confirmed in a phone call today with DogsBite.org that Ethel Horton suffered severe injuries in the pit bull attack. There was no mistake in the tone of his voice. "Oh they were severe," he said. The death of Ethel Horton indeed qualifies as a U.S. fatal dog attack, despite animal experts such as Richard Polsky who declare otherwise: Polsky's website: "For example, there was an incident in March 2010 incide… [Read full blog post]