Suspected Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 29, Found Dead in Garage with Multiple Dog Bites in Miami-Dade County

Police suspect a fatal dog mauling after man was found dead in his garage with multiple dog bites. Dog Mauling Suspected Kendall, FL - A man was discovered dead in his home with multiple bite marks. Miami-Dade police suspect he was killed by his own dog. Around 7:07 pm, police and animal control were dispatched to a home in the 12000 block of Southwest 104th Terrace. Police were alerted by a friend of the victim, who had not heard from him since Sunday. When the friend came to his hom… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: 59-Year Old Man Killed by Vicious Pit Bull in Yuma County, Arizona

A 59-year old man was killed by a vicious pit bull in Yuma County on Thursday night. Previously Attacked a Man UPDATE 12/17/23: This same pit bull viciously attacked a man six months earlier, according to the victim. Hunter Granlund posted to Facebook Sunday, the "same dog that almost killed me took the life of a man on December 15th 2023." The dog belongs to the "owners of Wellton Towing." Granlund was attacked on June 2. He sustained severe injuries to both of his arms. "If it had… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: 63-Year Old Man Dies 2 Months After Pit Bull Attack in West Philadelphia

Antonio Shaw, 63, died two months after being attacked by pit bulls in West Philadelphia. Man Dies of Injuries Philadelphia, PA - A 63-year old man that was attacked by pit bulls in October has died of his injuries. Antonio Shaw died on December 4 while hospitalized at Lankenau Hospital. The attack occurred on October 4 when Shaw mistakenly went into the wrong yard in the 1500 block of North 62nd Street where five pit bulls were kept. Two of the pit bulls attacked him, police said… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman, 89, Killed by Family Pit Bull in Cass County, Indiana

Beverly Hayden, 89, was killed by a family pit bull in Cass County, Indiana. Sheriff's Press Release Cass County, IN - An 89-year old woman is dead after being mauled by her own pit bull, according to the Cass County Sheriff's Office. Deputies were dispatched to the south 200 block of County Road 400 West at about 5:49 am for a report of a woman attacked by her own dog. Arriving responders found the woman in the living room of her residence. She was pronounced dead at the scene by Cass… [Read full blog post]