2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 67, Killed by Daughter's Dogs While Dog Sitting in Johnston County, North Carolina

Anthony Bastardi, 67, was killed Monday while dog sitting for his daughter in Johnston County. Dogs Had Bitten Earlier Wilson's Mills, NC - One day before the July 4th holiday, a 67-year old man was killed by a pair of dogs while dog sitting them. The attack occurred around 12:40 pm in the 100 block of Eddleston Court, the Johnston County Sheriff's Office said. When Wilson's Mills police arrived at the scene, both dogs were still actively attacking the man. The responding offic… [Read full blog post]

2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies After Suffering Life-Threatening Injuries in Vicious Dog Attack in Louisiana

Roxie Parker, 60-years old, died of her injuries after a vicious dog attack near Welsh. UPDATE 05/15/20: We continue to wait on an incident report from the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office. The investigation is still active. Once the case is closed, we will be able to obtain the report. We were, however, able to gain confirmation of several important aspects. The dog involved is a large white and brown male bull terrier. The sheriff's office did not have any prior bites… [Read full blog post]