After Fatal Mauling, Fort Worth Animal Control Does Door-to-Door Sweep

4 Days, 800 Violations Cited Fort Worth, TX- In potentially a world record-breaking feat, the City of Fort Worth has gone after non compliant dog owners with gusto. In just 4 days, Forth Worth Animal Control cited 800 violations. This massive effort falls in the wake of the fatal mauling of 3-year old Brooklynn Milburn that was killed by her neighbor's rottweiler last week. Though that dog owner was not in violation of city dog laws, it turns out many other Fort Worth dog owners a… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Brooklynn Grace Milburn Killed by Rottweiler

No Charges Expected UPDATE 01/25/09: A family representative has spoken to the Star-Telegram. Jeremy Moore said that Brooklynn Milburn and her 5-year-old brother, Daniel, were playing while her grandfather was in the kitchen cooking. Brooklynn slipped out the back door into the yard and had "moved a heavy metal table" that covered a small hole in the fence separating the two yards, Moore said. The dog's owner and her grandfather found the girl at the same time, he said. "Can… [Read full blog post]