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Risked Their Lives to Stop a Pit Bull Mauling 2011: Matt Fenner, City Police Officer (Glendora, California) - Recognized as a City Hero by after saving retired fire chief Milford Fonza from the jaws of two pit bulls. Fonza was on an early morning walk when he was confronted by the dogs. Fonza tried to climb a wall to escape, but the dogs pulled him back to the ground. Spotting the attack, Fenner rammed one pit bull with his cruiser and shot the other one dead. (Related p… [Read full blog post]

Former Fire Chief Attacked by Pit Bulls During Morning Walk in Glendora

Victim Recounts Attack Glendora, CA - Retired fire chief, 67-year old Milford Fonza, has been released from the hospital after being attacked by two vicious pit bulls this morning. Glendora police say the dogs attacked him in the 1600 block of Sunflower Avenue. Fonza tried to fight off the pit bulls with his walking stick, but it quickly snapped (or was chewed) into pieces. The former fire chief also tried to hoist himself over a wall in order to escape, but the pit bulls pulled h… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Attack Victim, Duane VanLanHam, Awarded Carnegie Medal for Heroism

Dog Mauling Criminal Trial Set to Begin After Delays Pit bull attack victims: Bridgetta Hadley and Duane VanLanHam. Judge Ups Sentence UPDATE 06/08/10: Despite the oddly "carved up" verdict in the case against Anthony Hunt, County Circuit Judge Janet M. Boes did not hesitate in sentencing Hunt beyond the Department of Corrections recommendation by two years. Judge Boes sentenced Hunt to five to eight years in prison. Hunt had asked Judge Boes to follow the correction's gu… [Read full blog post]

Norwich Post Office Awards Veteran For Intervening in Pit Bull Attack

Tage Wright honored for saving letter carrier Jeff Glenn (right) from violent pit bulls. Good "Hammeritan" archived Norwich, CN - In early May, the violent pit bull attack on letter carrier Jeff Glen rifled across the web. The owner of the pit bulls, 19-year old David Holland, personified the stereotypical pit bull owner by laughing about the attack on camera and casually taking a swig from the drink in his hand. Holland also owned a lineage of biting pit bulls. Glen suffered s… [Read full blog post]