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12 thoughts on “Police Storm Through Fence to Save Boy Being Attacked by Two Pit Bulls in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

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  1. I blame the parents why on earth would they trust someone to watch their baby.not only he owner of a pitbull but he also a breeder.shame on his parents I’m glad the cops saved the baby life and the pitbull aren’t friendly if they attack a baby and they were an issue before.I’m glad the baby is okay but I hope he parents won’t trust a pitbull owner to watch him later.

  2. Nearly nannied to death, again. Hope the poor kid makes it. No one with two firing brain cells would allow their kid to be near a home with pits but 40 years of propaganda has done its damage.

  3. Yes, this woman is “part of the problem.” We hear the same old script after every killing or mauling. Pitbulls are often “very nice” until they attack; unprovoked and with deadly force. This little guy was on play equipment, I bet nowhere near the litter of future maulers. BTW, I’ve owned dogs that have had puppies and not one tried to kill me or a family member. I hope this child recovers. It sounds like he was terribly injured. Bless his heart.

    • Exactly Teresa. I grew up in a neighbourhood where dogs were frequently hopping fences or roaming around producing litters of Lord-knows-what crossbreeds.

      While a few kids may have been growled at or nipped for messing with their pups, I never heard of anyone going to the hospital from being shredded by the dam to the point of critical care.

      What’s changed since then?

      1) Pitbulls
      2) Training methods
      3) Not really dog people owning dogs
      4) Pitbulls.
      6) Molasser breeds as household pets
      7) Pitbulls

  4. I hope he survived because they said he in critical condition that doesn’t that mean he’s okay .if he survived I hope his parents learn their lesson not to trust pitbull that lady out of her mind his pitbull aren’t dangerous they’re nice they play with my dogs.well she dummy if doesn’t believe some pitbull are dangerous and it not a freak accident.anyway I wonder if she said the same thing if the lovable pitbull seriously injured one of her girls.

  5. Thank you Colleen for reporting on this. It ought to be national news that children are being brutally savaged by animals. I wish America would wake up and be alerted to the problem of fighting dog breeds in our midst, the violence they are capable of and prone to, the lives being destroyed. This young person shouldn’t have to endure this pain, scarring, and probable disability.

  6. These dogs are so extremely reactive it’s ridiculous. Recently I was on a trip and my husband and we were walking on a trail in an open park. About 50 ft away an older “gentleman” sat on a bench with his pitbull. One of my ankles rolled underneath me, resulting in a step that was louder, different in sound (slide on gravel) and out of rhythm. The pit went ballistic immediately, turning lurching, barking, trying to get away from its owner. I am very lucky that he didn’t lose control of the leash in his hand. It was triggered by a sound. You can imagine that a child on playground equipment would easily trigger a pit. It could be as simple as falling off of the equipment, clanging swings together, or making any other loud sound. In any household breaking a glass could result in an attack.

  7. Affordable Electric of Twin Cities, Inc. is a publicly registered business with the same address as where the attack occurred. The information is public on the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

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