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18 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 41, Killed by His XL Bully, the Largest Sized Pit Bull Breed Variant

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  1. Neutering/spaying, vaccinations, registration, training, being raised from a puppy with all the human love and treats will NOT stop an attack from a breed that was bred to kill.

  2. This is what pit owners don’t want to understand- so many times, the FIRST attack is a fatal one.
    Bloodsport dogs are not appropriate as PET animals.
    Glad is was the idiot who chose to own it not their neighbors.

    • Which is why pitbull ownership should be straight-up *illegal*.

      These people who claim to “love pitbulls”, don’t.

      If they “loved” pitbulls they would want to phase them out as quickly as possible so dogfighters would have a much harder time hiding their proclivities.

      What they *are* is dogfighting apologists and running cover for the dogfighters–which is a billion dollar industry at this point. Add in millions more in “rescues”, “training”, “rehoming”

      You can’t spay/neuter/muzzle your way out of greyhounds running, beagles yodelling or pitbulls killing.

  3. Boy I guess he one of the believer that pitbull are lovely not a mean bone it it not the breed it’s the owner there so thing a pitbull there no pitbull breed. He probably could lived into his 90 but I guess he didn’t cared about his life because he choose a pitbull as his dog .

  4. It’s July 4th and there have been 3 deaths by dog already this month. And we all know what breed of dog was responsible. This just leaves me speechless.

    • I’ve recorded 4 deaths-by-dog this month: Theresa Rhodes (61), Bolivar, Tennessee, killed by 2 loose pit bulls on July 1; Jaxson Dvorak (6), Lorain, Ohio, killed in driveway of uncle’s home by pit bull (mother was told dog “ate his face”), on July 3; Clint Fontenot (41), Arkadelphia, Arkansas, killed by Bully XL he and wife purchased as puppy in October 2022 on July 3; and a homeless man in Fresno, California, killed by a loose Husky on July 4.

  5. Handling a vicious dog of this size requires superhuman strength. Obviously the owner lacked that.
    He had had the dog castrated, but castration prevents sperm formation. It doesn’t make dangerous dogs safe ones.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that he passed away; my sincere condolences to his family and friends. I thank God that this dog’s first victim wasn’t an innocent neighbor or child . This is a good case study on why restrictions aren’t enough – we need a nationwide ban on these beasts.

  7. A shame, but at least it only killed its owner. Showing that these XL beasts are every bit or even MORE dangerous than the standard size, too.

    • Two things we can’t underestimate: the reach of the pit bull lobby and the number of useful idiots out there that have bought into their disinformation campaign.

  8. I saw on Redit – people were discussing this tragedy, and his step daughter said that the man was playing with the dog when it attack him.

    • Johnny Fontenot was found dead at 7:20 a.m. and it was determined that he died during the night. I saw that comment on Reddit but since there were no witnesses to the attack I am curious how anyone can know what was happening at the time.

      I suspect that family members are trying to defend against ignorant accusations that the victim was somehow at fault. The commenters here, and those in the reddit banpitbulls sub, think nothing of the kind. When someone here or there says, “It’s the owner, not the breed,” they are saying it sarcastically, ridiculing the sentence, because it is self evident that pitbulls and XL bullies are inherently prone to violence.

  9. I have two Doodles. I now walk them carrying a firearm (constitutional carry), a tazer and a knife. Why? Because there are a handful of Pit owners in my neighborhood, you know the ones that say “my dog is harmless” — I had a woman’s pit walk right through her “wireless” and approach me and my dogs. I pulled out my tazer and looked at her and said “get him away from me or this won’t play out well for him” I won’t tell you what her response was, but typical of a pit owner.

  10. ok i am not going to live amungst wild animals that can kill and eat on humans ,so why would anyone want an animal as a pet that can kill and eat on humans ,is it not ture that a pet is kind gentle and sweet ,but not hunger for kill like a lion on a hunt

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