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21 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: 6-Year Old Boy Killed by Dog in Lorain, Ohio

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  1. If the people in charge care about public safety, they must euthanize the six offspring of those killer dogs.

  2. Another day, another dead child. The no-kill shelters, humane society, pit propaganda, dog worship culture, the behemoth pet industry, the media, ignorance of breed genetics, to name a few…have blood on their hands. Children, the elderly, the disabled are the most vulnerable victims of these 4-legged time bombs. In this case, the child might have gone near the six puppies? Now the adult dogs are dead, but the litter was spared…a litter with at least one future killer?

  3. Why on earth did his parents get a pitbull as a family pet.when they know the dangers of owing a pitbull you can love and trained the dog to be lovable but some pitbull will turn on you now that poor boy he is dead and he paid the price because of his parents stupidly.

    • If you read the article, it says that the child was visiting a uncle’s house when it got mauled by the dog the family of the child did not own the dogs.

      • We now have both parents living at this address — according to voting record websites. We are waiting for more information to come out. At the time, the parents were not home and the child was being watched by a relative. The ownership of the dogs remains unknown.

  4. It seems the dogs belonged to the mother’s uncle. I can only imagine the pain they are in. I wish we could eradicate violent breeds of dogs so that no one would have to experience this kind of loss again.

  5. Okay, so we have a Friendship Animal Protective League in the mix. I want to know where the People Protective League is.

    • This rescue posts several pits on their adoption page. Labeling them “mixed breed” or “ terrier”. I am sure they will flip these puppies on the unsuspecting public for $$. They rescues around me do this, selling puppies for $450 cash, all day long. I hate that these puppies (3-4 months can be sexually mature) were turned over to a group like this rather than be euthanized by the local AC.
      Dogs over people is vile.

  6. The six puppies will almost certainly be adopted out to multiple uninformed, unsuspecting families. Six ticking time bombs. When will the insanity end?!

    • Ad script being drafted by the Friendship Animal Protective League:

      Oh, pweeeeze! Adopt these poor widdle pibble puppies!

      Bwing them into your home and let them wuv you!

      • …and nanny your children (to death). The level of ignorance regarding pitbulls and pit mixes is astounding. I’m seeing more and more pits dragging senior citizens, women, and children down the street. (Often on those horrible retractable leashes.) Because the media just wants to feature wuvable, misunderstood and abandoned pibbles the carnage will continue. Hardly anyone even knows or remembers the Big Stories, e.g. Kirstie Bennard and her TWO deceased children. Unless and until we reach some kind of tipping, point absolutely nothing will change.

    • Remember when Collies went nuts and the breeders cleaned out their lines? No sentiment, no public outcry…just culled out the lines.

      Remember when Dobermans went nuts? No sentiment, no public outcry…just culled out the lines.

      Those dogs are useful. They were never bred to kill other animals or attack people. They were bred to be intelligent and carry out tasks. While Dobermans have been used for protection work, bad lines didn’t used to be able to enter Shutzhund competition and the lines *used* to be checked for ancestry.

      Pitbulls are bred in massive numbers by people who are either looking to increase aggression or don’t care when they do.

      Every one of those puppies should be culled. Some poor family is going to take home something they *think* is a part GSD family dog and wind up with Murder McFluffy.

  7. The six puppies were already heading to a shelter due to no homes for them. The female could already have been rebred.

    The predominantly black appearing dog doesn’t look like a shepherd mix to me. It’s likely a brindle pit mix.

    At any rate, the loss of a child this way is awful. Most of my friends and I would put our dogs up if children were visiting. None of us feel that we can 100% predict dog’s behavior. Our dogs are not pitbulls. A large dog can simply accidentally knock a kid down.

    This child’s death is awful. It was also highly predictable and inexcusable.

  8. I’m sorry I speed read the story I saw son I automatically thought the dog belongs to his family.why would his parents trust her son her baby her love and joy to her family member that own dangerous dogs like pitbull I can’t imagine the horrors that little boy felt dying.was he a breeder that sell the dogs or did his female dog have puppies that he taking care of yes I feel sorry for Jaxson no so much for his parents because why would they trust a pitbull owner.

  9. The local dogfighters will be chomping at the pit for those puppies.
    What a pedigree!
    Both parents confirmed game.

    Insane that they are not being put down.
    I suspect this area will be featured on the page again in 18 months or less.

    Then again thanks to “Freedom Rides” these dogs could wind up anywhere. They might even fly them into Canada.

  10. The puppies are 3-4 months old? They are old enough to be fixed. Why were they keeping them? SIX sizeable pit bull mixes “housed separately”? Lord, what a scenario! Probably all couped up in a pen. This sounds like a situation we hear about all too often on this site. Owners are stupidly irresponsible. Dogs are not spayed or neutered, and littermates become a dangerous pack. And in this situation, it is confirmed they have killer genes. All the pups should be put down.

  11. Poor child, he had no choice. When I read these stories, especially the ones where a child dies, I always wonder, what will it take to wake the majority of ppl up? What will be the tipping point? So many excuses for a stupid breed/type of dog. That it’s a dog at all, a pet, allegedly “man’s best friend” and it keeps happening more and more frequently, it’s mind boggling.

  12. ALL of those dogs should be put down, puppies or not. They carry the genes of dogs who killed a child. Too many normal dogs need homes, they are not worth the risk!

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