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13 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Canines in Letcher County, Eastern Kentucky

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  1. Poor lady what a confusing story did she get killed by coyote or dogs.was she kill by pitbull or gs was it her dogs that kill her or her neighbor dogs or loose dogs. Why aren’t they tell us what killed her.

  2. To me, “over an embankment” sounds a bit like “into a ditch,” which is one place we know pitbulls like to drag their victims.

  3. Trina was my friend . Her is the father of my granddaughter. I don’t understand any of this. If there is a wild dog problem. Why isnt it looked into. Herbfamily is broken.

  4. These poor victims of loose Dog packs, especially when the cases have been reported and nothing is done to keep the public safe. In a southern rural type setting, you’d think SSS would be the norm.

  5. It seems like loose dogs are normal there. What happened to animal control? Dogs should never be loose without the presence of an owner or responsible adult.
    Because of Animal Control, I can safely assume any loose dogs here have somehow gotten loose. I’ve rescued loose dogs but no pitbulls. They are usually loose due to owners who let them loose.

    I love my GSD. I would never let him or any of my previous GSDs run loose. I regard his safety and the safety of others that important.

    Why cannot dog owners behave responsibly with their dogs? Does anyone want to see their dogs shot? Or is that just cheap euthanasia?

    What a tragic loss of a life due to irresponsible dog owners!

  6. I only hope the family can get it together and find a plaintiffs attorney. The city/police/animal control must be sued, hopefully receiving a judgement that is high enough to get national attention.

    • I believe her family will do just that, after the shock subsides. A little boy was attack about a month before Trina was attacked. It’s believ3d it was the same dogs. Something needs to be done. Such a senseless death.

  7. Pay wall below at The Mountain Eagle. If anyone has a copy of the print article, please take a photo with your phone and send it in to us!

    Officials believe woman was killed during dog attack
    By Mountain Eagle Staff | on June 12, 2024
    A Doty Creek woman is dead following what is believed to be a dog attack, the second such attack on the same property in the past two months. In the previous attack, which took place in April, a toddler was severely injured, but no charges and no lawsuit was ever filed, law enforcement and animal control officials said. The boy […]

    The Letcher County Coroner tells the Mountain Eagle her wounds were caused by canines and most likely dogs, not coyotes. The paper reports a toddler was attacked by dogs in the same area in April, and when the Letcher County Dog Warden and a deputy went to the dogs’ owner then, they were told they had been put down. The Coroner says Sandlin’s clothing has been sent to KSP for DNA testing to possibly pinpoint the dog.

    • When you’re told, by the dog owner(s), that a dog has been “put down” during your investigation of an attack it is your obligation as the investigating officer to confirm that. You get the details of where, when, and who euthanized the animal. I don’t recall how many times I’ve been lied to as an ACO. Which is exactly why you confirm the facts before you write your report. If, in this situation, the responding officer(s) did not follow through and confirm the dog(s) had been euthanized they are derelict in their duty.

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