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11 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Pastor Dies After Violent Dog Attack in East Indianapolis

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  1. Of course the pitbull strike again and the pro pitbull lover denied it everytime.saying the same things. It his fault for walking by the dogs provoking them to attack its not the breed it the owner.I can’t imagine the pain he felt dying by this evil dogs. And his poor wife had to witness it.people actually cared enough to report the dogs attacking more people but they don’t care they don’t do anything about it. I hope they forced the owner of the dogs to put his dogs down and banned him for getting any other pitbull for life.

    • Pit Culty Bingo Card strikes again, Madeleine.

      Regular, friendly dogs don’t maul people just because they wandered by, sneezed, used a cane, the toddler giggled, somebody sipped their tea, etc etc. It’s exceptionally difficult to annoy them enough to bite.

      It makes regular dog owners shake their heads.

      Yet somehow, Pitbulls just attack anything and then the pitbull cultsters find some fake excuse as to why it happened.

      My answer to them is this:

      Life happens. It’s your job to teach your dog to deal with it in a socially acceptable manner. If you can’t, either YOU are flawed beyond repair and should be banned from ever owning pets or your dog breed is–and the dog breed should be banned.

      Since it’s far too difficult to legislate smart dog ownership that leaves the latter option.

      It ain’t rocket surgery.

  2. It should be legal to shoot loose pits on sight, period. Anyone who cares about their dog doesn’t let it run loose.
    I hope they find the owner and they get manslaughter at least.

    • I don’t get it. Really, I don’t.

      States there are expanding their “Stand Your Ground” gun laws (which up here, we find completely bonkers but nevertheless) so you can shoot a *human* that approaches you when you’re scared but…

      …you can’t legally shoot a charging pitbull.

      Colour me confused.

      • Sadly Florida has ruled that “Stand Your Ground” doesn’t apply to animals. It may be different in other states.

        The media intentionally misrepresents what SYG is and isn’t. The law says if you are someplace you legally are allowed to be and someone makes a credible threat of death or great bodily harm, you have the right to defend yourself and no duty to retreat.

        You can’t just shoot a random person while shouting “I fear for my life!” and get away with murder like the media seems to think.

        In spite of the media talking about how allegedly racist the law is, black males have been the group that have successfully used the SYG defense the most.

        SYG should be modified to include animals since pits and other dogs are capable of death and great bodily harm. Sadly if you shoot a pit before it latches on you run the risk of being charged with animal abuse.

        Pit owners in comments of “Police shoot pit bull” videos will say the police should ” just take the bite because they will heal but a gunshot will kill the pit.” Even though as in this case many times one gun shot wont kill a pit.

  3. Another man who lives in Detroit is about to be taken off life support after being attacked by pit bulls. This is a father of six children. He had bought himself some clothes for his new job and was just walking home. The interviews with his little children are heartbreaking. They just want their daddy to come home. The damage these monsters do is beyond belief and nothing is being done to stop the carnage.

  4. Media just can’t bring themselves to report the words, “pit bulls”

    All together now, YOU CAN DO IT REPORTERS. Courage, now.

    Say it slowly…”Pit…bulls. Pit-bulls. PITBULLS”

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