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8 thoughts on “Whose "Freedom" Exactly?

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  1. Thank you, Boni, for your clear presentation of the unjust gruesome tragedy that those who are both lawmakers and dangerous canine worshipers inflict upon their perfect victims.

  2. Legislating the ownership of known and proven vicious types of dogs makes sense in the same way we legislate the ownership of other dangerous animals like bulls, tigers, and bears.
    At least three psychological studies have been done on these types of dog owners, none are flattering. They should have to meet the same insurance and containment standards as the owners of other potentially deadly animals.

  3. The moment we decided Fido’s quality of life was more important than our neighbor’s quality of life was when we stopped being a civilized society.

    • I don’t see how America can be considered a first world country any more. Citizens are regularly mauled to death by roaming dogs. These are not people who are trekking through the wilderness and accidently stumbling in to the habitats of wild animals. Kids waiting for the bus, adults walking for fitness even the homeless that live in cities are all frequently devoured by someone’s pet that is allowed to roam.

      One of these canine IEDs may even break in to your home, break through a door or even bust through a 2nd story window just so it can detonate where fresh victims are.

      Our own tax money is used to distribute these WMDs. A sleeper cell of the breed of peace may be operating at your local animal shelter.

      • It’s worse elsewhere. South of the border, and Central America and South America have much lower rabies vaccination rates for their canines. Same with Eastern Europe and Asia. What about Canada and Western Europe? When people are attacked by aggressive dogs in those locations, the victims are not allowed to have adequate self defense. In the USA, people who let their dogs loose may possibly not have had their dogs vaccinated against rabies. Victim gets bit, that right there is unreasonable risk of grave threat of severe body harm from a virus that is virtually 100% lethal if symptoms appear. In a fraction of a second, life is over. “He was always so friendly” is how the same old song goes.

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