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8 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Pit Bull at Pet Boarding Facility in Louisiana

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  1. I visited the animal shelter recently. While there, I overheard the two female desk clerks discussing a woman who had returned a dog for aggressive behavior. The gist of the conversation:

    Woman 1: "I can't believe [ADOPTER'S NAME] returned [DOG'S NAME]! I told her how upset I was with her for doing that! Over ONE fight!"
    Woman 2: "One fight? That's it??"
    1: "Yeah, she said the new dog attacked her old dog, and blood was spraying from its head and everything."
    2: "But still! It was ONE fight! My dogs fight all the time!"
    1: "Yeah, and you don't return them to the shelter either. I told her how angry I was with her for doing that!"

    All the while, I'm silently humming to myself, "Welcome to the new age, to the new age…"

  2. Angry!!!!! I see the friend and minister of the deceased -Charilette- edited her Facebook post and said her friend "died" as if by natural causes with no reference to the pitbull attack!! We really need to SHARE every one of these these tragic deaths on social media and not just on pitbull public safety pages as only a tiny percentage of the attacks make it beyond one night on one local station if they are covered at all . If you can post here please post publicly on social media, too. People reading ads about kennel jobs or adopting pitbulls as pets do not have access to all the facts. I found my way to this site and the facts because someone shared the link on social media. The media can't edit our Shares out Please share Dogsvite.orgs blog posts on your pages

  3. Seems like more animal industry (including shelter) workers have been getting seriously mauled by pits lately. I wonder if it will change the way any of them do business. I know a mobile dog groomer who will not groom pits but she's a one person operation.

  4. The "friend" Charolette Ann Gerhardt quoted in article in this facility in dogs bite blog blocked me when I expressed concerns via PM on Facebook that she DELETED all references to the victim being killed by a pitbull as if she died if natural causes! SHE is the MINISTER that will officiate the deceased funeral!! First she said someone told her to take down the pitbull reference for legal reasons I said most ministers feel secure in speaking truth She then said " This has nothing to do with my ministry. My nephew has two sweetpitbulls and if a brown haired man killed someone I am not going to post that people should be against all brown haired men. "So any attribution of the dog breed is discriminatory. send her some facts. Her nephew is in danger but more importantly if she cant even admit how this woman was savagely murdered she sure should officiate at her funeral So sad

  5. Jaloney, I'm sure getting tired of that false equivocation. Sigh. Why don't people understand that it's illogical to compare breeds of dogs which have been selectively bred to races or types or whatever of people, who haven't? 🙁

    Packhorse, I've said it before: pit bulls are changing what people consider normal dog behavior. I grew up with dogs (anecdote alert). I remember very, very few fights. Once my dog who had been attacked by dogs and developed fear aggression (which we worked through with the help of a behaviorist) was afraid of a dog at the fence and redirected aggressively to one of our other dogs. The fear-aggressive dog was 60-70 lbs. (not a pit bull–never owned one of those and never will), and the other dog was 13 lbs. Even though the larger dog was scared and not thinking clearly, he didn't harm the smaller dog at all. Not one scratch. No blood. I saw a couple other minor scuffles over the years over a bone or whatnot, tussles that looked and sounded serious but were "broken up" quickly and easily without a scratch to anyone. I also once saw my grandpa's dogs get in a fight that was a bit more serious. He didn't believe in spaying and neutering (I know, sigh), and his small male Lab mix had been bothering his very large female Malamute who was in heat. They got into it, and my mother was able to break them apart. Again, nobody got hurt. Fighting like those two pit advocates were talking about is not normal!

  6. Signing a waiver that the pit bull was never aggressive before- that is unconscionable. Pit bulls were BRED to act like this, to not warn before an attack. As usual, these people are clueless about what is CLASSIC pit bull behavior.

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