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10 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: 3-Day Old Baby Killed by Uncle's Dogs in Fresno, California

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  1. Fresno has had extremely serious and now a fatal pit bull attack for the last three months.

  2. So their vicious fighting dogs were usually kept chained, where they could get off the chains and kill a neighbor's baby?

    Fighting breeds in your neighborhood, you have a problem

  3. 6 People dead from Ikea furniture and there is a recall.

    14 people already dead from Pit Bulls or Pit Mixes just in 2016- 2 in two days and NOTHING.

    I just don't get it.

  4. Shar Pei or Shar pei mix were commonly used to misdentify pit bulls in the 1980s by shelters who wanted to unload fighting breeds.

    I know people who did it and they knew they were hiding the pit bull heritage in order to unload fighting breeds.

  5. My brother used to own a Shar Pei-pit bull mix. I know anecdotes aren't the be-all-end-all, but those two breeds seemed like an awful combination. His dog used to tear off her lead to go get within a few feet of children (who were innocently playing or walking on the sidewalk) to bark loudly and menacingly at them. And she was a spayed female with an authoritarian owner. She ended up dying of heat stroke at a young age, but I'm very glad things didn't escalate with her, as I'm sure they could have.

    This tragedy really underscores that these are zero-mistake dogs. One open door to let some cool air in is all it took.

  6. my name is John Charles Bartram I'm the father of Susie Kirby I am devastated over this tragedythe mother of my child was irresponsible this was human error susie was left on the couch longer then 4seconds they have turned this into a three-ring circus dog attackPitbull mauling this was human error Trust and Believe there's more to that story and I'm going to get to the bottom of it

  7. I'm sorry for this poor baby and her family! So devastating!

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