Attempt to Overturn Miami-Dade Pit Bull Ban Advances: 'Don't They Know?'

Legislation Fails UPDATE 03/12/12: The Miami Herald released a list Sunday of the 2012 Florida legislative session -- all bills that passed and failed. Rep. Carlos Trujillo's bill to repeal the Miami-Dade pit bull ban (HB 997) failed as did its Senate counterpart (SB 1322). This might in part be due to historic victims Pilar Garcia and her daughter, Melissa Moreira, speaking out, as well as editorials written that clarified the history of the ban and why Miami-Dade County of… [Read full blog post]

What Happens When A Victim Does Not Report a Dog Bite?

Future Person(s) Will Be Bitten Oak Harbor, WA - The Whidbey News-Times recently covered the story of a 12-year old girl who was seriously injured when three pit bulls attacked her outside an Oak Harbor apartment. The child knew the 25-year old woman who lived at the residence and was there to pick up a vacuum. When the woman opened the door, her pit bulls bolted out and attacked. The animal control officer, who seized the dogs, said the owner "feared for her safety" and wanted the… [Read full blog post]

Orlando Woman Suffers Catastrophic Pit Bull Injury; Amputations Expected

Ian Summers, 30, faces felony burglary charge after vicious pit bull attack in Orange County. Two Amputations UPDATE 02/16/12: A new arrest report reveals the victim's left leg was amputated below the knee, and her left arm below the elbow. The fleeing "dog expert," Ian Summers, now faces a felony burglary charge after authorities deemed him to be an unwelcome trespasser, not a resident, when he brought Robin Johnson to the home on February 10. The home's primary tenant told… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn Dies After Severe Dog Bites in McKeesport

From left: Nikko, the recently adopted husky, and a makeshift memorial. Baby Killer Gets Reprieve UPDATE 03/08/12: In a not so unsurprising update, the husky named Nikko that mauled a 2-day old baby to death has been granted a temporary reprieve by Judge Borkowski. The dog will remain in custody in its current holding facility and be evaluated again after a magical 21-day period. Prior to killing the newborn, the dog killed the family cat and jumped a fence (or out of a window, d… [Read full blog post]