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5 thoughts on “Man Erects Large Pit Bull Warning Sign After His Dog is Attacked

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  1. The condition of Tully's dog should lead to a dog fighting investigation. That ear crop and those scars did not just happen by accident.

  2. that is one of the worst ear crops that i've seen and the overall condition of Trouble is certainly not optimal. but according to pit bull "fancier" richard stratton pit bulls "tend to be active dogs", they tend to "get nicked up".

    i want to see a photo of his other dog, Ripper and i think it might be fun if this tully punk did mess with the bearded guy wielding a pic ax.

  3. It looks like he may have recently started to roll him. The blues though are not common fighting stock. Traditional dogmen usually culled them for being inadequate and impure.

    Dog men in AMERICA just never kept blue dogs, merles or anything that came out in those colors. I know people hear on Pit Bull Social don't like to hear the truth (not saying you personally) but most American Pit Bull Terrier breeders from the 1900 to say 1997 would of culled a blue dog from birth (how do I know, because I have seen it as a little child).

  4. I want to see Ripper as well. Ripper may have been too war torn to trot out in front of the cameras… Shockingly, Tully believed Trouble was fine to parade about as a family pet and "good with the kids." The crop job on Trouble is so bad, it may have been done with scissors. Family's with children and loving pets — mutilation does not jive with this scenario.

  5. I can understand a nick, but these are barely nicks. Either these dogs are hankering for a fight and have been getting hurt escaping, or they have been abused. The latter is the most probable when you look at those scars.

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