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8 thoughts on “Pit Bull 'Berserks,' Attacks Three, Traps Fleers Inside Dog's Home

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  1. Oh what a horrible story! Two attacks on one child by Pits? Mayor needs to take action quickly!
    I don't really think it is as uncommon for Pits to go berserk as people think…
    Not to talk badly about mine (that I recently had to euthanize) but she went crazy hurling herself into a window too. It was very scary, and something I would have never imagined she would do. It was like, one minute she was sleeping with my kid in the bed, the next minute she turned into a Cujo dog slamming herself face first into a glass window. I still have to say I loved the crap outta her crazy butt though I will never ever have anything to do with another Pit.

  2. This is the second child within a few weeks to have been attacked twice. A boy in Michigan, Khalil Rocks, was also attacked twice. To think about the horrors these children have experienced already in their short lives is heart wrenching.

    And they will continue to live in these same communities with these dogs running around menacing them by their very presence.

    I am trying very hard to imagine what it would be like trapped in a house with a beserking, bloody pit bull throwing itself at doors and windows to get at me. It would be unimaginable terror knowing the pit was being driven by a genetic imperative to overcome any obstacle to attack and kill savagely for no reason.

  3. This poor child has been through this horror TWICE? Her parents need to turn the mayor away at the door until they can get a guarantee from him that he will pursue a breed BAN until it is passed. Until the lawmakers in these places stop ignoring the danger and kowtowing to the pit grifters (breeders) and nutters, these things will keep happening. And felony assault charges for the owner, please!

  4. Someone claiming to be a family member is in the comment thread, claiming THEIR pit actually tried to stop this attacking pit and defending the breed. They also claim the animal was dropped off outside their house while they were out of town, they have no idea who did it or why, and that they have no idea how this dog was raised. Way to throw their deceased friend under the bus by indirectly implying he/she was a dog abuser.

  5. Thrice berserking incidents! The Virginia case is especially "spidey-like." I think the Prince William County Animal Shelter is possibly a nutter farm. An employee paid the price too.

  6. With so many of the comments on pit bull attack reports, and from so many of the pit bull advocates and lobbyists, there is a continual stress on this false notion that the pit bull must be "mistreated" or "trained to attack."

    In other words, that it is the owner's or buyer's fault, and that the problem is not the dog and the FACT that pit bulls are intentionally bred to kill and maul.

    Many people don't understand where this myth or fabrication comes from. Yes, it is being repeated by some delusional people in the "pit bull rescue" or shelter/animal control fields.

    But the myth that an owner needs to "make" a pit bull be aggressive originated with the BREEDERS trying to escape liability for the vicious dogs they are intentionally and selectively breeding.

    Breeders have purposely bred pit bulls to do what pit bulls are doing now- killing, inflicting massive damage, attacking to the death, attacking without provocation, high pain tolerance, everything that leads to all this injury and death.

    BREEDERS created dogs that do these things, and still do. This is why and how pit bulls came to be.

    Despite the fact that breeders claim that dogs are "property," breeders are trying to escape responsibility for the deadly breeds or "property" they have created.

    Each and every one of these dogs needs to be tracked back to the "manufacturer" of the "property," THE BREEDERS.

    Pit bulls are defective "property," in breeder speak.

    Without the intensive breeding programs to create pit bulls and the behaviors that go along with these breeds, that are necessarily linked to these breeds or the breeds wouldn't exist, there would not be these problems. This is not "normal" behavior for dogs. It had to be CREATED by breeders. That creation, or property, is the pit bull breeds.

    The breeders hope that by spreading the lie that owners or buyers are to blame, and victims as well, the breeders will escape liability that they absolutely have.

    Pit bulls are a multi-million dollar industry. Dog breeding is a multi-billion dollar industry. An industry that has unfairly escaped liability for the damage they are responsible for.

  7. Funny how you never read about the dreaded labrador or cocker spaniel being involved in one of these berserking episodes.

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