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9 thoughts on “Pit Bull Measure Passes Elgin City Council in 4-3 Vote

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  1. They enforce these new laws and the maulings and killings will GO AWAY.

    They are saving LIVES by passing these laws.

    I hope they will stand up to the tax cheat pit bull breeders and dog fighters (and their lobbyists like Best Friends) who will insist that a pit bull (and the money it makes them) is more important than PEOPLE's LIVES!

    Or rather, their ability to scam as much money through pit bulls will be somewhat restricted because they have to follow rules like any other business.

    Best Friends and their pit bull breeder cohorts will be sad that children won't be getting killed by pit bulls in Elgin any more.

  2. A ban is much better. The best part of a pit bull ban is the fact that it keeps owners of other dangerous breeds on their toes because "they could be next". It motivates them to keep their dogs under controll.

  3. Way to go Elgin! I think measures like this are great and if the city keeps careful tabs for the next 2 or 3 years and shows a real decrease in maulings and severe attacks with these measures in place, it gives even more weight to the fight to regulate these dogs.

    I also read that Zurich has recently passed a ban on ownership of pit bulls, with a mandatory spay/neuter and muzzling restriction for those already around.

  4. Once again…a total breakdown in Breed Stewardship forces a city to defend itself!


  5. Elgin has now bowed to the pressure of the pro-pit brigade (about 3 of whom probably reside anywhere near Elgin). Liability insurance coverage has been dropped to $100,000, fencing only has to be 3 feet high (a yorkie could scale that), and the tri-annual license fee is being reduced to $50.

    Hmmmm….wonder why BSL doesn't work?

    Again, though, no one is out voicing support FOR the legislation, so the only voices heard are against it.

  6. The measure failed and the Pit Bull community is given a "second chance"…

    Normally after they pull off a victory maulings spike!

  7. While it's great to see new legislation passed, there's an overwhelming need for more. To facilitate this, I invite you all to do what I do… I surf that net looking for "opportunities to educate"… for example, SB1276 is currently under consideration in Florida. I pulled a bunch of information from this site and emailed it to each state senator on the adisory committee, asking them to support the legislation.

    Yesterday I saw that there was another pit bull attack in Atlanta (5th in 3 weeks.. one fatality); a state Senator (Vince Fort) was quoted in the news saying "he was thinking about introducing stronger legislation against dangerous dogs"….. I have emailed him a ton on info, and will continue to send him a "tip a day" regarding the dangers of pit bulls.

    When a handful of people can attend a townhall meeting and convince legislators to back down, so can we… help these legislators out by arming them with facts to overcome such objections.

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