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2 thoughts on “Bullmastiffs Kill Owner After Owner Saves Them from Death Row

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  1. Since when is having a cell phone legally considered "provoking a dog"? These people are shameless. They will say and do anything to promulgate their vicious breeds, breeds which match them in temperament, instability, and savagery. It angers me that it took TWO attacks by these dogs to get the attention of politicians enough to open a serious dialogue on breed banning, but at least they're taking it seriously. USA, wake up! You're falling behind the whole world in protecting your citizens from vicious dogs and the vicious people who choose to own them. Prevent the deed. Ban the breed!

  2. After the posting of this story, stunning and disturbing news was released by some Slovenia media outlets, none of which write in English. The central media outlet that does publish in English, STA, has yet to report this information. As the issue of this dog mauling is politically explosive (See: SLS Demands Resignation of Minister Over Bullmastiffs Incident), we can only rely upon English news reports for accuracy from this point forward. The Google translations are highly inaccurate.

    The disturbing new information, which may be true or untrue, suggests that the victim, Dr. Saso Baričević, had been sexually abusing his dogs. If this is true, the victim paid with his life. It is important to point out that none of this new information, accurate or otherwise, has anything to do with the 2006 attack that left Meglic with permanent injury, the subsequent incarceration of two the dogs for three years and the horrible political decision to return these dogs to its owner.

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