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5 thoughts on “Parenting Website Questions if Pit Bulls and Children Mix

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  1. And the pit nutters are all over it, the same ones you see on all the blogs. Just posted the latest report on it, that'll set them off.

  2. P, I bet those are the same people that turned out "in droves" for the Denver protest. A vocal minority — very minor!

  3. But it is those most vocal that get the "oil". Just because someone is elected to office doesn't mean they become a know it all. They depend on constituents to inform them. So if they only hear from these few, they think that is the truth. I know from first hand experience that it only takes one person to get a law through. So we must meet these f**kers head on in the blogs and anywhere else.

  4. You are so right, P. We can't take it for granted that those in power will see through the Pit Lobby BS. They have so many "experts" to back them up!

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