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7 thoughts on “Mid Year Results: U.S. Pit Bull Attacks 2009

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  1. Breaking containment, mulitiple victims sustaining Level 5/6 maulings are the hallmarks of this noble breed….Not to mention shredding unlucky neighborhood pets and livestock!

    It always strikes me when the Pit lobby publishes a "positive" article about Pits in canine weight pulling competitions. Just like in dog fighting, Pit Bulls have driven other breeds out of the sport in the same weight classes. The strength of these animals is just another safety factor that makes the casual owner unqualified to own one with normal containment infrastructure.

    The hugs and kisses approach clearly isn''t working!

  2. The documentation on this extremely thorough, there is no possible denial of these facts. Thank you to DBO!

  3. Think of all the panicking over swine flu.

    Well the pit bull virus is hurting and killing far more people than swine flu!

    When are we going to do something about the pit bull disease?

    The CDC is corrupt and is protecting pit bull fighters and breeders.

    The people need to demand that this scouyrge be dealt with.

  4. I give Pit Bull breeders and F for producing safe dogs….(not that is the breeding goal in the first place).

  5. I was a pit owner. For several years i played with my dog every day walked him went to the park ect. I belive Pitts can be aggressive and stronger laws should be in place. owners need to take responsibility for their animals.If u want to own one then take the steps to control, and protect others take no chances. pit bull breeds are bred to fight no amount of love can or will change that and please if u have small children do not own one.theses dogs should be kept in a secure enviroment at all times.

  6. Pit bull owners were perfectly described by Bertrand Russell:

    "The problem with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

    Also see Dunning Kruger effect for scientific proof of this quote's message.

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