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26 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Break Through Window to Attack 18-Year Old Woman Walking Dog

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  1. The 24-year old pit bull owner, Craig Lick says, "he's sorry" for the attack. He didn't anticipate they would "burst through a window" containing an air conditioning unit to kill a dachshund named Peanut.

    Mr. Lick is clearly unaware of explosive pit bull dog-aggression. Or some nimrod humane group told him if he "loved his dogs enough" he could make this genetic trait go away. Just think, down in Missouri, the Missouri Humane Society is doing "foot tests" on the 500 seized fighting dogs to test them for "dog-aggression!" LOL!

  2. This is truly, "The PROBLEM" with pit bulls. I like to use the example of my neighbors six (6) week old German Shorthaired-Pointer. The neighbor had a fishing pole with a feather tied to the end of the line. The lil' pup was pointing (hunting) the feather. Awesome sight. After speaking with the neighbors, they told me the breeders have seen German Shorthaired-Pointers pointing at two (2) weeks.

    Is there anybody reading this that is surprised when a pit bull attacks another dog? Dogs do what they were bred to do.

    I've said it a million times, pit bulls are a man-made problem! If all the ends are justified by the means and the HSUS wants to eliminate dogfighting….they should support elimination of the breed.

    Sometimes doing the unpopular thing is the "RIGHT" thing to do.

  3. Time to change vanity plates from "PITBLS" to "MR VICK.

    It is also time to point out that in Lockwood's 1988 study he identified Pit Bulls as being 14 times more likely to break containment and attack than other breeds.

    Unsafe, criminally bred, and spreading like rats in a sewer system.

    Ban Now!

  4. Some of the Nutters are offering safety tips like

    "Crate your dogs inside the house when you are not at home."

    I offer:

    "Breed safer pit bulls."

  5. So this is a pit bull breeding operation? Is he a licensed business? Has he been paying his taxes on pit bull income?

  6. "You never want to see an animal get hurt"….

    But then you went out and bought two dogs from a breed expertly designed for killing other dogs!

    Nice 4 ft chain link fence too!


    **Note to Pit Breeders…As an option YOU can self-regulate.

  7. Anon said: Some of the Nutters are offering safety tips like

    "Crate your dogs inside the house when you are not at home."

    —Pit nutters — So hypocritical. Their arguments change with the circumstances. If Lick were crating his dogs during the day, and one of them attacked someone, the pit nutters would say, "What kind of life is that for a dog? That's abuse! the dog should be a loving part of the family, not incarcerated during the day! Dogs have feelings, too! They need love, attention, exercise — if you crate them all day, then of course they are going to be aggressive!"


  8. My goodness, it's almost as if the media is figuring it out. Notice how they placed into quotations: "broke through the fence and bit."

    This is exactly what pit bulls do and is essentially unique amongst all dog breeds except pit bulls (excuse me, except Mr. Stubbies).

  9. Interesting post in the comments section about the legal liability of this engineer who was outwitted by the Dogmen of Stafford:

    A note to Ashley:

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your dog. You and Peanut did nothing wrong, except get brutally attacked. You and your dad should know that you are, under Michigan law, entitled to be compensated NOT JUST for the price of a new dog, but also for the emotional and physical hurt you suffered. We don't have any way to make Lick compensate you for the hurt you suffered other than by making him pay money. And, in this circumstance, pay he will. In our society, we have no other way to prevent this kind of behavior–Lick's by having bloodthirsty animals that he can't control–other than to finacially penalize people for their actions.

    Mr. Lick, get your wallet out. Your stupidity is going to cost you. I certainly hope that you honestly answered that question on your last homeowners insurance renwal correctly about what breed of dog you own. If you didn't maybe you should just quit claim your house over to Ashley right now. You, Mr. Lick, are toast. Keep working, you will need to. And, think seriously about moving out of that neighborhood. Mr. Lick, may your life be filled with unpleasantness and woe. May you reap what you have sewn

  10. I agree, that is unique amongst all dog breeds except pit bulls. These posters…not too intelligent.

  11. I was watching Animal Cops last night, the Philly SPCA. They busted a guy for fighting dogs, there were 8 of them. You would not believe the chain they had around these dogs neck. One weighed 60 lbs. But one of them actually tore up the steel bars in the truck and then went on to tear up the divider between kennels.The dog had blood all over him, I don't know if he got thru to another dog or just tore himself up doing the damage. We're talking steel here. And I was shocked that they decided to euthanize this one dog immediately since the PSPCA had been talking of jumping into bed with Winograd.

  12. Attacks on animals are typically very different (from a legal standpoint) than attacks on humans. Does anyone really know Michigan law when it comes to attacks on animals? If Lick does not have homeowner insurance that covers "pit bulls" all he has to do is file bankruptcy — under which one's home is protected — to avoid paying settlement fees (assuming there is a court case and assuming he loses). Getting these folks "to pay" is not always so simple.

  13. Compare the above intelligent comment to this little gem from the idiot nation known as pitbullforum:

    This is awful. I wish she had some pepper spray or something. I think no matter who you are when you are walking, with or without your dog you should be armed with some kind of protection from any breed of dog that gets loose. We have two labs in our neighborhood that make me nervous and they get loose too often. Oh and the old lab that the owner lets loose purposefully that is rumored to kill cats. I am so sad for all involved in this situation. I wish people wouldn't start the whole "Kill them" and "I'm going to sue!" thing though…it's not helpful to anyone at all.

    Least helpful to yourself right emmaisstayin'?

    Of course THIS sue happy bastard is a hero in her eyes for sure, probably even would donate to Brian Hoesch to "help further the cause of killing snack sized dogs".,0,4020885.story?page=2

    pit nutters- bleh

  14. Lick is a mama's boy…he lives with his mother. He most likely is not the owner of the house. His mommy will say, "they are not my dogs…they are my son's dogs!" However, since the dogs lived there, she will be considered the "harborer", and may be liable. Looks like they live in a singlewide trailer….I doubt she claimed pit bull on her HO policy.

  15. Did you notice that this is another loser living with his mother?

    He knows he can't find rental with his pit bull operation, so he imposes on the old lady and puts her liability and life at risk.

  16. He was living with his mother. She is legally responsible. This girl was hurt in the middle of this attack.

    I hope that the girl's father files a formal complaint with the town about the behavior of animal control, and that his attorney considers filing suit against them as well.

    Returning dangerous dogs to owners is a recipe for human death.

    I hope the neighbors all have video cameras trained on the pit bull owner's house.

  17. I'd be all for people having lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) if it wasn't for the fact that 49.99% of the population has below average intelligence.

    Take pit bull owner, Craig Lick, for example.

    Ban! Ban! Ban!

  18. Ewww, that guy's really charming looking. Actually, he looks just like the ignorant, violent type of person who has a pit bull to boost his image as being a tough guy. I hope that girl who was attacked and had her dog killed sues and wins.

    I've noticed pit bull owners love to scream about their rights to own their (fighting) dogs but they rarely give a care about other people's dogs. Why else would they promote a breed who's main purpose is to maul other dogs to death? I love dogs which is why I have no interest in owning dogs bred to destroy other dogs.

  19. Little Dogman syndrome…

    Explosive dog aggression is one filthy and disgusting breed trait. It's criminally irresponible to breed for it and sell the maulspawn as family pets.

  20. There must be formal complaints filed with the state about the behavior of animal control.

    By leaving the dogs at Lick's house, they aided and abetted a criminal and helped set up another potential mauling.

    If there are dog fighters or fanatics in animal control, they need to be fired.

  21. so they apparently know which dog was the aggressor but do they know which dog pushed the a/c unit out of the window? i would be just as concerned if not more concerned about THAT dog.

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