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11 thoughts on “Pit Bull Owner Says Victim 'Got What She Deserved' After Attack

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  1. Someone should tell Ms. Tucker that what she just publicly stated is called "terroristic threatening", and it is illegal. I think Mrs. Bradford ought to press charges, and the police had better pay close attention to this situation. I also think the judge should take into account what this nitwit said when the court hearing comes up and remove the dog for the protection of the neighborhood.

  2. I read this story yesterday and felt ill. To know that someone like this owns a pit is indeed terrifying. Just more evidence that we need to be protected from pit bull owners as well as pits.

  3. And here we have the activity and people that Best Friends, Bad Rap, AKC, and the others are supporting!!

    Blame the victim, threaten people, hurt people, kill people.

    It's all ok to the pit bull advocates!

  4. There are so many things wrong with this story…Satan spelled backwards for a name and we are to accept the owner's statement that her dog is gentle?
    Natas did not receive that particular ear trim so she would appear friendly to the neighborhood children.
    What ever happened to the concept of shame? When your animal attacks a woman walking on a public street, on her way to the store to purchase a gallon of milk, how did that become the victim's fault? The actions of the pit bull owner are outrageous, and she threatens the victim with more violence… on camera. The woman has no shame.
    Who will pay the victim's hospital bill, given the dog owner's attitude? The victim pays again…
    I hope the police and the prosecutor watch this video.

  5. Tucker isn't going to pay! You bring up an excellent point. Exactly who saw the bite other than the victim? Hopefully the husband did. Often times it's the dog owner's word "gentle Natas was provoked" vs. the victim. If the dog has no previous bite record, and even if the owner did not witness the event, the dog owner's words still pull a lot of weight. This is especially true when the victim is a child. As some judges will simply presume the child somehow provoked the dog.

  6. Whose insuring the white trash dog owners house? Call the insurance fraud commisioner in Indiana, and send him a copy of the video…crazy pit owner threatens neighbor on camera with a banned breed with a bite history!

  7. I wonder if "Natas" was a Lee Carroll line Pit. Remember Lee Carroll sold nine Pit pups after their sire and bitch attacked a lady so badly that her leg had to by amputated.

    Officials from Indy "Bit" Crew and Animal Control were AWOL on this animal husbandry/public safety issue!

  8. If someone pulled this crap on me I'd get a concealed carry permit asap and make sure Natas goes in a body bag in short order.

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