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7 thoughts on “Police Officer Sues Lehigh County Humane Society After Dog Bite

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  1. If these societies and groups are going to take on these contracts, they need to deliver services with a HIGH priority to pit bull and vicious dog pickup.

    Failing to respond, or delaying response, can mean death or injury for someone, as it did here.

    That officer knew that if he left that vicious dog, it could kill someone.

    What need particular watching are the No Kill animal control shelters, who often do everything they can to avoid taking vicious dogs and pits because they know they have to euthanize them or warehgouse them. Their lack of action is directly resulting in bodily harm to citizens.

  2. This is an area of the law that needs to develop. I am very interested in seeing these non-profit animal control organizations being held accountable for their nonsense defense of pit bulls. Anyone who has spent any time around pit bulls knows just how different they are when they go off.

  3. The local Humane society must have been too busy rehabbing Pit Bulls for adoption….Now they pay!

  4. Very important story…we should watch this closely. More victims should sue owners of pit bulls who attack.

  5. I thought it was interesting how the lawsuit specifically named the group a "nonprofit."

  6. MAY 16, 2009 – "When the Lehigh County commissioners Wednesday night rejected funding for the Lehigh County Humane Society's animal control work, they were sending a couple of messages. One, as articulated by Commissioners Dean Browning and Glenn Eckhart, was that the county shouldn't be sending money to such a well-heeled organization at a time when the county's fiscal situation is dire. They pointed out that the Humane Society's investment portfolio has grown to almost $1.8 million.",0,383931.column

    Looks like the "No Killers" are after them as well:

    "He and others complained about the humane society's unwillingness to explore a no-kill approach, its lack of transparency and its euthanization methods."

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