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10 thoughts on “Police Issue Bullet Bounces off Pit Bull's Head

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  1. Just curious, what other breeds of canines (than PB and Rottwielers) are able to have a police issue 9MM bullet, fired at point blank, bounce off their skull, and walk away? It should be noted that police issue Glock 9MM’s can only fire jacketed bullets, which makes this even more amazing…yet we read about it weekly – where pit bulls are completely unfazed by direct point blank shots to the head !!!

  2. That’s why you should shoot in the eyes or ears. They are better entry points to their skulls. I know, much easier said than done when the dog is a moving target.

  3. Pit bull owners afraid of their own dogs! The girlfriend — who presumably knew the animals — was too afraid to go outside! Who knows where the dog owner was? If he was home at the time, it doesn’t sound like he helped the victim.

  4. “This lady came over to tell us something”? Must be a really close relationship if she doesn’t even know her boyfriend’s friends. Sounds like the scum that live around my house.

  5. Is it just me, or do pit attacks seem to be escalating? Seriously. Maybe it’s just the evil media playing tricks on me. Maybe it’s the evil pit people that have infiltrated the inner workings of society in order to keep these killers living among us. Seriously. I’m terrified of these bullet-proof beasts!

  6. No FoolMeOnce…The Dog Lobby continually tells us it’s the cocker Spaniels that are the worst biters. It’s a giant media conspiracy!

  7. I am not entirely convinced that these pit bulls are being shot “dead on at point blank range”, even by the police. Trying to hit a threatening, small, fast moving object with teeth, with your adrenaline pumping is much harder than you realize. If the angle of the bullet is just right, I think it would graze just about any skull.

    Regarding police issue guns and ammo, I am pretty sure that they vary. Standard issue side arm for my police dept. is a .40 caliber. And that size pistol seems to be the most commonly used in police departments although 9 mm and .45 are also used. Also the police are not prohibited from using hollow points, only the military. The decision to use hollow point or full metal jacket is left to the department and maybe even the individual officer.

    I prefer hollow points. For a demonstration on the difference between the two:

    Advice for shooting any threatening dog is the same for human threats, try to hit center mass. Aiming for something so small as eyes and ears even on a stationary object will probably get you mauled, unless of course you are Annie Oakley.

  8. The Cortez Journal offers more information:

    “A Cortez woman received severe injuries this week from being attacked by two pit bulls while on a neighbor’s property.

    Nancy Thomas was hospitalized Wednesday morning for treatment of major flesh wounds and a possible bone fracture at Southwest Memorial Hospital as a result of the mauling, according to Montezuma County Sheriff Gerald Wallace.

    The sheriff said Thomas was knocking on a neighbor’s door at midmorning Wednesday along County Road 29 when two nonrestrained pit bulls circled around the home and attacked her. An owner of the dogs helped Thomas inside the home and immediately called 911.

    “It was a nasty situation,” Wallace said. “She received superficial wounds and a possible wrist fracture.”

    Wallace noted Thursday that Thomas was recovering from flesh injuries to her hands, arms and neck.

    A canine handler from the sheriff’s office was forced to shoot one of the pit bulls when responding to the scene of the attack, Wallace said. The shot did not kill the dog, which tried to attack the officer when he was attempting to enter the property, the sheriff said.

    Jonathon Wilson, the neighbor who owned the pit bulls, was cited for unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog, a misdemeanor offense, Wallace said. One pit bull was a male and the other a female, and both have been euthanized…”

  9. The video on hollow point vs full metal jacket was interesting, thanks for that.

    Isn't it true that although the hollow point does more damage to the initial entry point, since it is lighter it won't penetrate as far?

    So then although it could rip the skin off a pit's head, it might not penetrate the skull since it's lighter therefore less momentum (less force)?

    I really know nothing about the physics of bullets so I'm just guessing here ๐Ÿ™‚

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