Sports Columnist Michael Felger Blasts Pit Bull Owners and 'Nutty Dog Crowd'

Takes on "Possessed" Furries Boston, MA - On Monday, sports columnist and commentator, Michael Felger, wrote a column titled, "NFL Dogged by Pit Bull Problem." He begins his piece by saying that pit bull owners fall into two categories: "Creeps. Or Imbeciles." He then talks about the recent attack involving James Harrison's pit bull that sent Harrison's young son to the hospital for a week. Felger rightly calls Lisa Ripi an "imbecile" for telling reporters after the attack… [Read full blog post]

Steelers Linebacker James Harrison's Pit Bull Attacks His Son

The family pet: Patron, a 4-year old male pit bull. Unidentified New Owner UPDATE 05/30/09: It was reported today that after James Harrison's pit bull attacked three people in a continuous assault -- including his own wife and son -- and sent all three people to the hospital, Harrison is "rehoming" his pit bull instead of having it euthanized. The unidentified new owner that lives in an unidentified location reportedly "specializes in rehabilitating pit bulls." According… [Read full blog post]

Letter: Councillor Speedy Responds to Tabled At-Risk Dog Proposal

Councillor Presses On Indianapolis, IN - City officials recently "tabled" the At-Risk Dog proposal introduced by Councillor Mike Speedy. The action follows the Indianapolis Humane Society's opposition to the measure. The proposal, which would have required the sterilization of pit bulls, came in response to the brutal attack on Brenda Hill back in January, as well as to the city's growing pit bull population and pit bull bites. The IndyStar recently published Speedy's… [Read full blog post]

Professional Athletes and Pit Bulls: Dogfighting, Abuse and Violent Attacks

The Athlete-Pit Bull Connection - A 2007 New York Times article written by Selena Roberts comments on the NFL's pet problem. The scene, she writes, has become the "puppy mill for pit-bull lore." It's hardly a leap to understand why football players closely identify with pit bulls, the ultimate canine warrior. Rhonda Evans, a University of Louisiana-Lafayette professor, is also quoted in the article: "[Pit bulls] fight to the death...Turning away is conside… [Read full blog post]

Judge Rules in Favor of Loudon County's 'No Adopt Out' Pit Bull Policy

County Wins Lawsuit UPDATE 05/24/09: A May 21 ruling ended a long winded battle over the county's no-adopt out policy on pit bulls. In a 13-page opinion1, Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge Burke F. McCahill sided with the county. He said the county's current policy on pit bulls, put in place by the Board of Supervisors, does not break state rules on dog ownership rights and breed bias. McCahill said, "A citizen's right to own a pit bull is entirely different than a citizen's rig… [Read full blog post]

Norwich Post Office Awards Veteran For Intervening in Pit Bull Attack

Tage Wright honored for saving letter carrier Jeff Glenn (right) from violent pit bulls. Good "Hammeritan" archived Norwich, CN - In early May, the violent pit bull attack on letter carrier Jeff Glen rifled across the web. The owner of the pit bulls, 19-year old David Holland, personified the stereotypical pit bull owner by laughing about the attack on camera and casually taking a swig from the drink in his hand. Holland also owned a lineage of biting pit bulls. Glen suffered s… [Read full blog post]

New Nebraska Law Focuses on Repeat Owners of Dangerous Dogs

Law Takes Baby StepsOmaha, NE - At first glance, the passing of the new Nebraska law did not register well. The article reported: "Under the bill (LB494) sent to Gov. Dave Heineman for his approval, the owner of a dog deemed dangerous because of a previous attack could face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine if the dog attacked again and injured someone. After a third attack by the dog, the owner could face a felony penalty of up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine." Upon readi… [Read full blog post]

National Dog Bite Prevention Week (May 17-23, 2009) -

Children Suffer the Most The U.S. Postal Service heavily promotes National Dog Bite Prevention Week along with a number of health organizations, dog bite prevention groups and media outlets. A bill was reportedly introduced in Congress last month to make this an official national holiday, but the bill was never voted on. As testament to the seriousness of the dog bite epidemic -- about 4.5 million U.S. citizens are bitten by dogs each year -- a national holiday is clearly war… [Read full blog post]