Animal Control Officer Stabbed Twice by Pit Bull Owner in Oklahoma City

Criminals Choose Pit BullsOklahoma City, OK - It was reported over the weekend that a pit bull owner stabbed an animal control officer two times. The incident occurred on the northeast side of the city during a routine check. By late Saturday, police were still searching for the suspect and his pit bull. A separate article described the suspect as a black male in his early 20s wearing red pants and a white shirt. Persons with information can call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.… [Read full blog post]

Sports Columnist Michael Felger Blasts Pit Bull Owners and 'Nutty Dog Crowd'

Takes on "Possessed" Furries Boston, MA - On Monday, sports columnist and commentator, Michael Felger, wrote a column titled, "NFL Dogged by Pit Bull Problem." He begins his piece by saying that pit bull owners fall into two categories: "Creeps. Or Imbeciles." He then talks about the recent attack involving James Harrison's pit bull that sent Harrison's young son to the hospital for a week. Felger rightly calls Lisa Ripi an "imbecile" for telling reporters after the attack… [Read full blog post]

Steelers Linebacker James Harrison's Pit Bull Attacks His Son

The family pet: Patron, a 4-year old male pit bull. Unidentified New Owner UPDATE 05/30/09: It was reported today that after James Harrison's pit bull attacked three people in a continuous assault -- including his own wife and son -- and sent all three people to the hospital, Harrison is "rehoming" his pit bull instead of having it euthanized. The unidentified new owner that lives in an unidentified location reportedly "specializes in rehabilitating pit bulls." According… [Read full blog post]

Feud Over Aggressive Pit Bull Ends in Gunfire: 1 Killed, 4 Injured

SWAT Team Called Out Caldwell County, NC - In a developing story, a "simmering feud" between next-door neighbors and a fight over an aggressive pit bull ended with one person dead and four injured in Caldwell County. Neighbors and authorities say Rolland Younce's pit bull attacked and killed a neighbor's cat. The neighbor responded by shooting the dog. Younce then shot the neighbor and his 8-year-old daughter sending them both to the hospital with serious injuries. Younce… [Read full blog post]