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8 thoughts on “Indianapolis Councillor Files 'At Risk' Dog Proposal Today

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  1. I didn’t see a comment from Doug Rae. After all he is trying to save them all. Hard to get stuff done when AC is saying no, not right. Temperament testing in shelters is too “stressful” as if walking down a strange street isn’t. So how does this fit in with the plans of Mr. Rae and “No Kill”?

  2. Douglas Rae is totally opposed to the proposed ordinance and plans on “fighting” it. The No-Killers oppose all mandatory spay/neuter laws. Did you miss Winograd’s recent rant on the Indy issue?

    Classic Winograd lies and distortions.

  3. I want to thank Mike Speedy for trying to save human lives. This is a man of great courage. Mike Speedy once narrowly missed being mauled by a pit bull that broke through its collar and came after him. He prepared for the attack by placing his hands over his face, drawing his arms to his side. He stood still knowing he could not out run the dog. The pit bull came and at the last minute the owner screamed for the dog to stop. Literally at his feet the dog stopped. He remembers the owners words, “He wouldn’t hurt you.” Councillman Speedy is a hero to me because I am a mauling victim. I know other mauling victims who support his work. There are also members of the pit bull community who support his work but are afraid to speak out. There is retribution on people who speak out.

  4. For years there hasn’t been anyone here who really understood the pit bull problem or for that matter was educated about dogs in general.
    This is a quote from John Aylshire who is the executive director of the Humane Society of Indianapolis
    “If you were attacked by a person of a different racial or ethnic background would you find it acceptable to make laws singling that group out for punishment.” This man compares pit bulls to human beings–tell me is Indianapolis in trouble? This man understands nothing. He is a friend of criminals who use the dog for which it was created. In Indianapolis half the dogs in the pound are pit bulls–we have had terrible human maulings. Thank you Indianapolis Humane you are inhumane to dogs and throw human beings to the dogs.

  5. Too hard and too many dangerous hindsight provisions…Just ban them!

    I can’t believe the Pit Bull community still has a seat at the public safety debate after their plan produce a 33% increase in pit bull bite last year.

  6. F-Troop Dougie’s latest smokescreen is to require dog licensing for Indianapolis.

    Unfortunately, he failed to mention that he only acheived a 4 percent licensing rate while running PACCA in Philadelphia.

    I don’t know why he believes proliferating more Pit Bulls will help Indy’s mauling problem!

  7. So Rae is working with Nathan Winograd, who is working with pit bull breeders and lobbies and businesses

    How can Indianapolis rationalize that they have an animal control director, Douglas Rae, who is lobbying for the pit bull breeding and fighting lobby on taxpayer time and money, and AGAINST public safety interest?

    And who handed out aggressive pit bullsa to the public in his previous job?

  8. I have been attacked numerous times by pit bulls. I have had to go to the hospital twice and I have had to nurse my dog a shep chow mix for months to save its life. The breed should be banned.

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