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6 thoughts on “Head PSPCA Veterinarian Fired Over Alleged Care of Pit Bulls Under Investigation

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  1. Here is a little more:
    A rowhome, actually a licensed kennel, is where they say the trouble began. Pit bulls live in the basement and the kennel owner used Dr. Murarka as a vet. An inspection there, a few weeks ago, revealed what the state says were unsatisfactory conditions: dogs not vaccinated for rabies, sanitation problems, and poor record-keeping.

    When the SPCA caught word of the doctor’s connection, a board member says it presented an inherent conflict of interest, suggesting that the dogs could have been sold as fighters.

  2. This is just another issue that unethical vets are involved in.

    There is a percentage of the veterinary trade that knowingly provides “services” to dog fighters, who even TESTIFY in court on behalf of them and to help and protect them.

    Just as some vets do for puppy mills.

    It is greed and unethical behavior, pure and simple, but the vet licensing boards have a tendency to protect these charlatans (as well as just bad vets!)

    And AVMA encourages stuff like this. They support the breeders, puppy mill breeders- wherever the bucks come from, they support it, no matter how unethical or inhumane.

    Money and greed has led many professionals in many trades astray, and veterinarians are included.

    The problem is there’s even less oversight and punishment for vets than for other professionals.

  3. Clark Co. Dog Warden Accused Of Misconduct
    The head of Clark County’s Humane Society was terminated from his job after a series of allegations by Humane Society trustees.

    Ed Sisler is being accused of “employee misconduct” and “managerial deficiencies.” Trustees said Sisler allegedly stole property from a home on February 19, when the Humane Society responded to a house full of suspected malnourished animals.

    Reports allege that he took several boxes of property from the home including expensive Hummel figures worth hundreds of dollars and an Ionic Breeze air purifier valued at over $400.

  4. When I was mauled some years afterward I received a call from a vet tech. It was a call for forgiveness. She wanted to tell me that the veterinarian that had been treating the dogs that attacked me took care of fighting dogs. She was afraid to turn in the vet and the owner of the fighting dogs for fear of retribution. She did call me and had followed my case for years. Anyone who thinks that all veterinarians are just wonderful I will tell you that the AVMA does not police their own profession nor does the AVMA ever take a stand against the pit bull despite the maulings of human beings and the maulings of other animals. If you go to a vet you might bring this up.

  5. It is not in the business interest of the AVMA nor anyone associated in the $40 Billion a year US pet industry to have breed/breeding tied to liability.

  6. Murarka rehired as PSPCA medical director

    "Dr. Ravi Murarka, the banished medical director at the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has been rehired, according to Sue Cosby, the shelter's new director."

    "…Murarka was fired in March, allegedly after providing medical care for pit-bull-mix dogs at a kennel that the agency was investigating, according to a source at the time.

    Murarka, who runs his own clinic, in addition to his work for the PSPCA, denied any connections to a kennel used to house pit bulls in an area where dogfighting occurs."

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