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5 thoughts on “Logan, Iowa Pit Bull Ban Passes with Ease

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  1. Excellent news! I guess some city councils are figuring out that these out of state email campaigns should be ignored.

  2. Logan will avoid a future Amaya Hess, Brenda Hill, Henry Piotrowski, Isis Krieger and countless others…

    Good going Logan!

  3. The Pit Bull community hates losing markets for the maul spawn they sell with zero product liability.

  4. Honestly, any city council that wants to regulate pit bulls should hold a public meeting, and, as in most public meetings,require speakers to give their names and addresses.

    Then they must look at all written and e-mail correspondence, and throw out any who do not include a name and address.

    Next, must then do two things….take all the pro-pit bull individuals, and check their names and addresses against the registered voter list. Then check to see if the alleged pit bull owners have legally licensed and registered their dogs.

    What local politicians will find is that the MAJORITY of voting taxpayers do NOT want these dogs in their neighborhoods. Most of the people protesting will be from outside of the town, or if they live there they are likely young and not registered voters. And they will also find that the MAJORITY of pit bull owners do not license or register their dogs.

  5. Licensing compliance in most cities in the US is about 10-15%. Most dog owners of all breeds don’t license their dogs.

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