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11 thoughts on “South Africa Struggles with More Violent Pit Bull Attacks

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  1. Very interesting that “the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa wants pit bull-terriers banned after a spate of vicious attacks on people and other dogs.” That would never happen here. That society actually recognizes what is happening to other other animals, and the effects on humans protecting those animals as well.

  2. Th SA Pit Bull association, less than a year old, is already a well oiled PR spin machine. They have adopted the talking points and tactics of the American Nutters.

  3. June 2009 – There has been another scalp victim in South Africa. 4-year old Xander van Zyl had the misfortune of interacting with the neighbor's pit bull:

    A 4-year-old boy had parts of his scalp ripped off, his ear nearly torn off, and his left arm broken, when he was attacked by what is believed to be a pit bull terrier on Friday. While the owners of the house where the attack took place apparently stood by and watched, Fanie van Rensburg, a neighbour of little Xander van Zyl, managed to save the child from its jaws. “Man, what a horrible thing. The dog was dragging the boy back and forth, picking him up and letting go over and over. Each time the little boy reached out for me to pick him up, the dog would take hold again,” Van Rensburg said on Sunday. Xander’s mother, Cornel van Zyl, said the family had only been living in Secunda for four months.

  4. Another death due to pit bulls:

    May 9, 2010 – Police are investigating after a man died following an attack by Bull Terriers in Vanderbijlpark on Sunday, ER24 said. The man estimated to be in his early twenties was found dead on scene by paramedics, said spokesperson Tristan Wadeley. The man, who allegedly worked on the plot where he was attacked, suffered multiple bite wounds. He was declared dead on scene.

  5. "WHILE THE OWNERS OF THE DOG STOOD BY AND WATCHED, Fanie van Rensburg, another neighbor, managed to save the child."

    In my experience, this is typical of the jerks who choose to own fighting/baiting breed dogs. First they say, oh, he won't hurt a fly. Then when the thing attacks, they stand passive, watching *with interest*, curious to see what their aggressive bred dog will do.

    These are people with serious neuroses and psychopathologies. The idea that you can leave our safety to the 'responsibility' of these types is ridiculous.

    We need all these fighting/baiting breeds banned, NOW, no grandfather clauses, just round them up and gently euthanize them. ALL of them.

  6. I want Pit Bulls to be illegal in South Africa. Two Pit Bulls came into our property today and killed our family dog a male Maltese. I'm holding the owners responsible for the damage to the wall, the vet bills and the cost of a new dog.

  7. My 6yr old daughters best friend was attacked today (12/12/2011) by her fathers pitbull cross! The child is currently in hospital recovering from the following injuries: Her scalp & jaw were torn off & doctors reattached them, she has a bite mark on the front of her neck, her muscles in the back of her neck were ripped, her cheek was ripped through & the nerves torn so doctors don't know whether her cheek will hang or not! The doctors said that the dog missed her artery & spinal cord by millimeters! This little girl has a long recovery process ahead with loads of therapy & it is unclear whether she will be able to start grade 1 in 2012!! I have & never will like pitbull dogs!!

  8. a pitbull killed my 13 year old cat on the 19th december 2012 she had no chance i phoned the spca who gave me the animal rescue number who gave me some inspectors number who gave me the cape town central number who then phoned the metro police they said they came out the next day but went to the house of the pitbull is then they phoned me and said that they will come and make a statment but they never came i phoned them twice they just gave me refrance numbers the dog has tried to dig under my fance and yesterday tried to dig under the other neighbours fence i am worried that it will get out and attack my child or wife i still have one cat i hope that this dog does not get out again i am going to take photos of where it tried to get under my fance to the metro police and show them that this dog is trying to get out the owner put a few bricks there but what about the rest of the wall

  9. Contact the hospital who treated your daughter and ask what authority you should report the dog bite. Usually it is your local or regional animal control agency, but we are unfamiliar how SA operates. The hospital may have already reported the bite to a health agency, but you are looking for the agency that deals with dangerous dogs (or designating dogs as dangerous).

  10. My husband, 16 month old daughter, and myself stayed over at my Mom's house this past weekend. I was playing on the pc when I heard her pitbull snap and start barking aggressively. I heard my daughter crying and screaming and I rushed out to see what had happened. My husband was holding our daughter and her forehead and right eye was covered in blood. I freaked out and started crying and we had to rush her to hospital to get her medical treatment for the wounds. I am so angry with my Mom as she was insistent that my daughter had provoked the attack, and she didn't even punish the dog or seem too concerned as to having him taken away. Seven years previously the dog attacked one of my boyfriend's and ripped the tip of his nose nearly off. I would like to take action and have the dog taken away or put down as he is unstable with children and other animals, and I would like to prevent another more serious attack from happening. My mother is in denial about the dog being dangerous and was more concerned about the welfare of the dog than the safety of her own grand child. Who can report this incident to in SA that would assist in getting the dog taken away?

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