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10 thoughts on “12/25-31/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

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  1. Good Gawd!…417 shot despite being restricted in an evergrowing list of cities and counties!

    What would the numbers be without BSL?!

  2. As far as the Ferris Texas town seeing increases in abandoned pets

    Much of that is thanks to the No Kill insanity (in places like San Antonio) where they get overcrowded and stop taking in owner surrenders and strays.

    So people are forced to abandon these animals to a cruel death with suffering “in the country” or on the streets

    This is the kind of thing that Nathan Winograd and Best Friends animal sanctuary are responsible for.

    They are selling this “No Kill” to the gullible, and failing to mention that deaths go up, but that the deaths are horrific and uncounted, instead of humane euthanasia.

    Winograd is trying to bring this insanity and cruelty to Austin Texas, King County Washington, amonmg other places.

  3. Owners of dangerous dogs need to wake up.

    Metroparks visitor kills dog during attack
    Rocky River – A Cleveland Metroparks visitor carrying a concealed gun fatally shot a Rottweiler that attacked his leashed dog at Tyler Field off Valley Parkway on Saturday afternoon. Dianna Kall, spokeswoman for the Metroparks rangers, said the armed man was walking his Labrador when the leashed Rottweiler broke free from its owner and attacked. When the owners were unable to separate the dogs, the Labrador's owner shot the Rottweiler dead.

  4. If anyone wants the complete list. I’ve counted 420. I have them in a list by month with summary and reference. I’ll have to e-mail it to you. It’s over 60 pages. It’s amazing when you see it all in one spot.
    [email protected]

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