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16 thoughts on “Zupf Comments on Aurora's Recent Federal Ruling

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  1. So what do you think? Do you think Florence has any idea she is being played for a fool by dog fighters and fighting dog breeders?

    A 21 year old girl with poor judgment and gullible beyond comparison, or is she involved in the racket?

    And as for “She recently brought home a pitbull dog from the pet store”

    What kind of pet store sells pit bulls? A pet store that has a pit and is in someone’s basement?

    I think of people like Jere Alexander, getting suckered in to this underground criminal racket. The dogmen seem to know just how to work these girls, just how to fool with their minds and use them for their own needs.

    There seems to be a similar type- mousy, desperate for attention.

  2. The Canine Race baiting orgs always claim “they have it in the bag” when extracting funds from the dupes.

  3. She wanted her dog to tear apart poodles and beagles…
    stinks of “normalcy envy”. Bet she’s still bitter about that QB in high school not falling for her.
    (She’s such wallpaper, no wonder he never noticed her.)

    I’ll bet her nickname in her neighborhood is ‘asshole’.
    That’s what we call our neighborhood pittyboy.
    Don’t lend them anything, don’t smile at them, don’t acknowledge them. Act like they don’t exist.
    The lack of attention drives them nuts.

  4. CLASSIC ZUPF!!!!!!!!!!!! Utterly amazing! LMAO! So on point with so many issues. ZUPF ROCKS!

  5. You gotta think her nickname is the big A**hole in the neighborhood! We’ve got some major “normalcy envy” going on here. Excellent term anonymous:-)

  6. Here’s the ACF President’s comments after losing Tellings vs Toledo:

    Well to the idiot who posted using my name, you should not own dogs because you seem to be suffering from a mental disorder and you clearly do not support the Tellings case. For everybody’s information, Tellings case was placed on the docket and Toledo has been notified to file opposition by 2-04-08 and then reply comes from Tellings within 10 days. The court will do three things, either issue a summary,set it for oral argument or deny an opinion. We are looking at bringing in a lawyer and as for the evidence in the case ? if they hear it we will prevail, just look at the 6th District Court of Appeals, even if police shoot at APBT’s more than people, which we proved at trial was not true thatstill does not make them dangerous, we all know the Ohio Supreme Chief Justice was very corrupt in his contridictory opinion.

    The Writ is not the only thing we filed regarding the Tellings case.

    Glen Bui

    LMAO! It’s the system! They’re all corrupt! Send more money!

  7. Bui is SO transparent! The only poor souls that do believe him are dangerously unwitting.

  8. I have not run across Bui’s true felonious crime anywhere online. It may be fraud. Various complaints against him (such as the Wolf Hybrid folks) focus on being fleeced by the man. As recently as February 2008, a pbf supermoderator said:

    RDOWS Web and Address
    “if you dont support what glenn does why is he still on your website? you know he is a convicted felon and spent time in jail right? and that anyone who donates to him never sees where their money goes ??”

    American Canine Foundation
    Speaking of which, Bui was off the ACF webpage for quite a while, but sometime during the Aurora hearing, he was placed back on. He is now listed as a board member.

    Glen is a Creep
    In an older thread (2006?) at — “Glen is a Creep” — username “GlenLBui” responds: “as for my record ? Federal Rules – Felonies cant’ be used that are older than ten years. I do not have restraining orders on me and my past will never do anything to my credibility at this point. In fact its come up and judges favored my testimony…”

    Better Breeders Board
    But it’s the Better Breeders Board that gets interesting (2003). Apparently, he intimidated a fireman named Cory in Ohio, a person that was on his side!

    Up Yours Bui
    UP yours BooBoo , you’re a scam artist and your ” organisation” is a SCAM. Now have your attorney contact *ME* asshole , oh please please do , and I’ll lay that “bounty” a whole load of other shit on him. You’re a piece of shit BooBoo , and *YOU* have no experience ” fighting BSL” , you haven’t done SHIT with the exception of threaten folks and attempt to coerce them into doing your bidding. Never worked with me . did it fatass. Still waiting on you to carry out all those sundry threats from the legal to the physical you’ve made dorected at me. But you’re too much of a PUSSY for that aren’t ya. -OldDOg1;read=14544

    Re: So are you saying join the cult or else
    …ACF will be recruiting fresh meat in your area. For just $19.95 you too can experience the weak efforts and the leadership of ex-cons, attempted murderers and conmen! We will take your money and provide no real answer to just what in the hell we are doing with it? Feel free to donate more if you wish as we have BIG retirement plans for……uh……..I mean, we will use it to travel……ooops, no thats not it…….. I know, I know, we will utilize donations for that big screen tv that I…….oh shit thats not it either…….anyway, just send whatever you can and we promise you will see the results!!! When all else fails, we will slide on in and take credit for others hardwork so that donations for my new boat will keep coming in!!;read=14492

    Re: Sickening
    Guess who’s back. Everyone knows that Bui is a sick bastard. Hey Bui have you ever heard of a JOB? I guess once a con will always be a con. Change the names and even change his Dresses he still stinks the same way. Always trying to make money the easy way and using the dogs as his reason. By the way Cory he does not have any experience in fighting BSL either. He is just a CON full of himself and too lazy to get a job so he can earn his own money so he depends on donations.;read=14577

    Explanation to some, a warning to others…..
    Well it seems that a certain individual abused my generosity and used this contact info to further his own personal gain while clearly fulfilling an ulterior motive. Yesterday morning the Fire Chief called me and asked if I had posted on “some dog board from work or did I do it from home?” My answer was that I had done a little of both but predominantly from home. He then informed me that a man from Seattle, Washington called and was concerned what I was doing on taxpayers time. I don’t know about anyone else but I find it rather amusing that somebody from the west coast is concerned what a fireman in Ohio is doing on duty. After thinking about this awhile, I realized what a sad sack of trash this man from Seattle really is and what his motives truely are…

    …I will not risk my family or my lively hood to play games with anyone. To Tonya, we have both seen the great many posts warning people of being careful who you align yourself with. Well we both can now say we fully understand what they are talking about. This is one of those rare occassions in life where it didn’t pay to give someone the benefit of the doubt. You were used, you were lied to and as a result, you and your dogs will pay. He wasn’t in this to help. His goals are self-serving and history shows that people like this fail miserably. I wish you luck and its unfortunate that the enemy struck from within.;read=14417

    The man appears to be an operative. And a bad one at that.

  9. Here’s the apparent heirarchy

    Stingpullers/Puppetmasters….ie shysters

    Dupes…sending money instead of buying insurance for the “Great Struggle”.

    Handmaidens…cleaning up the mess in the rescues wasting precious youth crating and rotating.

    Has any Pit Bull org ever even raised a dime for a mauling victim?!

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