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9 thoughts on “Dog Fight Forces Family to Escape Home Through Window

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  1. Smack me upside the head, but this is a breath of fresh air after listening to the tubber women at pitbullchat say, “My dog will only lick you to death.” BRAVO KutterKru for telling the truth!

  2. These are the same stringpullers who establish the grotesque breed standard, yet somehow manage to mobilize hundreds of ethereal nutters to go forth and advocate “Nanny Dog” myths.

    Gotta wonder how many nutters out there really don’t know what they own?!

  3. According to number 1 pit bull lobbyist and distorter, Ledy Vankavage of the ASPCA, pit bulls are “wiggle butts.” A dog bred for years upon years to fight and enjoy it, doesn’t sound like a “wiggle butt” to me.

    Mr. Lockwood tells us pit bulls and their attacks on people and animals are a people problem, not a breed problem. A dog bred for years upon years to fight and enjoy it, sounds exactly like a breed problem to me.

    Gail Golab, yet another author from the CDC report, says, “It’s not so much nature as it is nurture.” Mr. bohaw00 refutes this nonsense and says, “Typical of those that think you can take out hundreds of years of breeding in a couple of years…”

    The only thing the groups seem to agree upon is that the media is the culprit in the pit bull mess. But the media loves gore, and pit bulls always give it to them.

  4. There should be a monument for the unknown victims of the socialization myth.

    So many pitbull owners think it is just a matter of proper socialization. They go out and buy another dog, preferably a lap dog, to socialize their pitbull. It all happens indoors, not often do you hear about these victims. How many are there?

  5. Oh, you all will love this exchange….

    I stumbled upon this post made by “Nichole”, a young woman who enters a popular pit bull chat forum to “educate” the game dog fighters about the breed. This young woman obviously has been spoon-fed all the lies about pit bulls from the rescue angels. Its a bit hilarious, because, as sick as they are, the dogmen are right about the nature of the dogs.

    Below is an excerpt…

    Me: (in response to NcPG’s comments) – All of this “lab in a pit suit” or “G.R. in a pit suit” is just absolutely stupid. Why would we WANT a dog to continue it’s bad rep? To the people out there who are saying “if you want a sweet docile dog go get a lab not a pit” – what are you telling the rest of the public?? Pit’s aren’t all scary and tuff. Personally, I think the people saying this are the ones who shouldn’t have the breed – you’re doing nothing for it.
    And to the people who are saying that GSD were not bred to be police dogs??? GSD’s were developed in the 20th century for herding AND police/military work.
    Here’s a question to those of you who think that those of us who don’t agree with dog fighting are just “whinny owners who think of our dogs are children” – What would be the purpose in legalizing dog fighting???
    I can not BELIEVE that there are people on this forum who would fight their dogs if they could. How sick is that?
    Simms response to the above: Dogfighting is a combative sport. Not all dogs are bred to be pets. The ppl that do breed to meet the standard of the breed, realy have no interest in your type of dog. It has no value or use other than it being a pet.
    My response: And not all pits are bred to fight. That is wrong.
    It’s people like you that give the breed a bad name, saying that the only purpose for their existence is to be fought…
    I know about it’s historical purpose, and it wasn’t initially to be fought. Maybe you are the one who should do some reading.

    From Miakoda: The bulldog was bred for other reasons (bullbaiting, farm work, guardian-type work). The terrier was bred for other reasons (ratting, vermin hunting/catching). The American Pit Bull Terrier was bred specifically to be the “perfect” pit dog….fighting dog. End of story. Everything in history, words and pictures both, explain it very simply and in detail.
    The fact that you choose to ignore what is known and make up your own stories does worry me, especially if you are out trying to “educate” others on these dogs.
    Though this pissed me off, I choose to just ignore that last sentence…and responded with: I’ve yet to see where it says that APBT were bred only for this purpose. In any breed profile I have read it has stated that in the 19th century the English crossed the bulldog with the terrier and then this dog was brought to the U.S. It was developed (I’ll repeat myself as I have already said this in previous posts) as a guard dog, a cattle catcher, a livestock driver, and a COMPANION. Is is, however, most notorious for pit fighting. This breed was not first developed for this reason though.
    *NOTE: Though it was later named for it*

  6. I like this comment by simms who’s signature is

    Close the circle folks, this breeds not for everyone.

    “This breed is not meant for everyone…. yet everyone and thier brother has one.”

    Translation: this breed is meant for inbred hillbillies who chain their dogs outside and either fight ’em or go hog dogging on the weekends.

    as despicable as this scum is, in a way, I find their honesty refreshing compared to the rescue angels like ledy vankavage and donna reynolds who thinks that anybody can own this breed of dog and everybody should own this breed of dog.
    game-doggers are scum and they know it. the pit rescue angels live in the land of “rainbows, gumdrops and unicorns”.

  7. “The family told him the dog had been a nice family pet until it began showing signs of aggression two weeks earlier.”

    Approaching sexual maturity in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

  8. I agree, ernie. It doesn’t seem like the disastrous incidents with pit bulls are coming from those that own them for fighting. The public attacks are coming from those that think they’re pets and deny the genetic weight on their nature.

    At least the actual dogfighters get it; too bad they talk out of both sides of their mouth when it’s time to sell the overflow stock.

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