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15 thoughts on “Comment: Why Do Many Pit Bull Advocates Tolerate, Protect, and Enable 'Dogmen'?

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  1. Why Do Many Pit Bull Advocates Tolerate, Protect, and Enable the "Dogmen"?

    It's usually a combination of characteristics: Stupidity, Dishonesty, Gullibility, Selfishness, Greed, Attention Seeking, & Anti Social Vanity.

  2. I think all of the reasons above are applicable and sometimes there is probably a mixture of reasons. In addition to those I would add the Social Misfit Underdog Effect or a form of Projection Bias. I have seen a lot of these rescuers who have an almost pathological need to save these “poor misunderstood persecuted social misfits” (themselves). They over identify with the pit bull plight. I don’t think that quite fits under the Stupidity category.

    google “projection defense mechanism” I think that you will agree that it fits some of these people.

  3. For the needy, insecure people who require constant unconditional love, reassurance and acceptance. the pit bull is the perfect candidate, as they will not only lick you to death, they will die for you. if thousands of dogs have to suffer and die to meet their needs, so be it.

    Years ago, when my neighbor’s pit busted THROUGH my fence to get me in MY yard, I contacted a local rescue person after getting nowhere trying to educate my neighbor. This rescue angel was a divorced woman in her 30’s (NOT exactly height/weight proportionate).
    She was adamant that my neighbor’s dog should be killed. She stated that she would never place a dog with that level of aggression. She was very worried about BSL and said it was very important that if the breed is to survive, that this dog and others like him, must be euthanized. She then went on to tell me why pit bulls are so important to her. She talked about people, her ex and even her previous dogs of other breeds, not really being there for her and letting her down. She said that all of her life she had labs and all that they cared was food and chasing the toy. She said “My labs could care less about me. I am the most important thing to my pit bull. Pits don’t care about food or toys. All they care about is their owner. I will never have another breed of dog.”

    Unlike all of the pit nutters who show up on line and say they have been mauled by coonhounds and cockers or claim to be vets and 20 yr dog aggression experts, this is actually a TRUE story.

  4. “All they care about is their owner”

    Until the pit bull sees a neighbor’s dog, or little Billy walking to school, or the owner tries to shoo the pit bull off the bed

    Then the pit bull cares about the owner not so much

  5. The Pit community is going to have to come to terms with the Dogmen and breeding for explosive levels of animal aggression. On one hand they “officially” despise dogfighting but yet seem to worship the old tyme doggers.

    DA is not OK!

  6. Famous Pit owner last words:

    “Shoot it!!!!!!”

    Even this so called responsible Lion tamer is hypocritical!

    Don’t place the dangerous dog because it reflects badly on the breed…Not because it is wrong for some innocent to sustain a life changing mauling!

    It’s the same thing with rationalizing explosive dog aggression. It hs to be managed… not because killing an innocent neighborhood dog is immoral, but because of the bad PR that comes from it!

  7. Interesting story…..but again, this is coming from an emotionally damaged woman. There are many, many breeds of dogs who bond very, very closely with their owners, often to the point where they have separation anxiety when the owner isn’t there. The woman imagines the pit bull loves her more than anything, because she needs to believe that…I can tell moving stories of dogs of many breeds who were totally devoted to their masters. I own a sporting breed that will not leave the yard to walk on leash with other family members, only my husband and I. We can let him off leash, and he will will never wander out of eyesight..he will keep checking over his shoulder to see if we are still there.

    I think the women involved in pit rescue have a very deep seated need to be NEEDED. They feel worthless, misunderstood and maligned, so they identify with these dogs….they don’t want to save a nice, highly adoptable dog, they want to save the dog that no one wants….they are drawn to lost causes. I think, beneath it all, there is a lot of hostility to….they want a dog that people fear, because it makes them feel powerful.

    I also find there are a lot of drama queens attracted to the breed. They want attention, they want controversy, they want confrontations. They like to post on-line endlessly of their indignation over the fact that people avoid them when they are walking their dog, or over some trainer who won’t take pit bulls, etc., but its pretty obvious that negative attention is better than no attention for these people. I think crusading for the breed gives them something to do, especially when they don’t have very active social lives.

    Most of the folks who post on-line at Dogsbite are here because they are victims of pit bulls..they or their pets have been attacked or menaced by these dogs. The rescue angels and pit bull advocates who devote huge amounts of time trying to convince every family in America to adopt an unwanted pit bull…but who won’t support laws that would reduce the suffering of pit bulls (like mandatory s/n)….tend to be psychologically unhealthy individuals.

  8. “Interesting story…..but again, this is coming from an emotionally damaged woman. “


  9. There are plenty of dogs that no one wants – shelters are full of them. I personally own two. If you need a dog to, let’s be frank, be obsessed with you in order to have self-worth, you need a doctor, not a pit bull. There are many damaged people out there – and most don’t want to hurt someone like they have been hurt. There is a delusion going on here with these (mostly) women and their pit bulls – most gotten by accident or a whim, not through research and fact. That would make for a very interesting study…

  10. Um… in other words, a misunderstood social misfit who needs unconditional love and constant reassurance that they are worthy individuals.

  11. Perhaps the breeder/fighter lobby has infiltrated the animal rights/animal welfare side and hopes to tear them down from the inside. Everyone knows their intentions can't be peaceful. Does one really think a breeder of Colby "game" dogs cares about the ASPCA?

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