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16 thoughts on “Boudreaux Father and Son Finally Face Dogfighting Charges

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  1. With all these generational dog fighting families, you just wonder how many authority figures over the years have been involved

    I will never forget reading about the big dog fight a year or two before Vick where the local school superintendant was in the stands at the fight. Another one, the mayor.

    How many millions have gotten pushed through in illegal gambling, money laudering.

  2. The other irony is how the Pit Bull community “officially” despises dogfighters…they worship the dogfighters that produced these breeding lines.

  3. I hope the ASPCA doesn’t swoop in or some other local pit bull rescue believing they can rehabilitate these dogs. There is a head of a midwestern animal control that once took a box filled with a dog fighters pups to show a group of veterinarians. The pups in the box were a few weeks old. They were fighting each other. Grabbing necks and holding on. The vets were amazed. All these dogs should be put down. No it’s not there fault but the risk to human life is too great. GENETICS COUNT.

  4. Floyd Boudreaux definitely fought dogs with the support of law enforcement back in the 50’s and 60’s. I don’t know what contacts he had in the modern era (other than the fact that the head animal control officer in his community is also named Boudreaux), but he used to fight dogs with a local sheriff named Gaboon Trahan.

  5. I “think” you are referring to the fact that there is no product liability when it comes to breeders. If not, please do expand..

  6. Yes…In Texas there have been roughly 13 Dog Bite Related Fatalies in the past 33 months…12 of them by Pit Bulls. The investigations never seem to follow the path of who bred and sold the dogs. Nor do any civil litigation that I am aware of.

    Currently, one can intentionally breed the baddest, man-killing Pit Bulls and face no legal responsibility.

    I cant think of another product that is immune to liability.

  7. Word is the Boudreaux’s picked a bench trial instead of a jury trial. It’s obvious why they wouldn’t want a jury trial, but then the judge announced he is a hog dogger! I hope the fix isn’t already in, but I fear it may be.

  8. If any dogfighter could send in the “fix,” it seems Boudreaux might be the one. Furthermore, Louisiana is Louisiana and I will add nothing else about this state’s history when it comes to “fixing” court cases. It’s a stunner that officials (Laura Maloney) managed to get the grown dogs euthanized after the bust. This must have created mass hysteria amongst fighting dog breeders.


    Quote from the Boudreauxs' attorney:
    "He said other retired federal officials and law enforcement officers have hunted with the Boudreauxs and will testify that they also never witnessed the animals being used for dog fighting."

    The Good Ole Boy System appears to be alive-n-kickin down in cajun country.
    Betcha these hog-doggin fucktards walk.
    What a shame.

  10. Three Generations
    The Toothless Fucktard quotes some kind bible crap.
    Go here to see the Redneck, his son and his grandson, heir to the grand champion Eli bloodline.
    (the boy looks a bit slow or maybe just dazzled by the greatness around him-nah probably the little red blinking light on the camera)

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