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6 thoughts on “11/21-25/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

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  1. Still on pace for 400 plus shooting incidents…The cost of these investigations to Police Departments must be staggering.

    These costs need to be calculated into the fiscal draining of the public coffers by the Pit Bull community.

    Stop BSL…Breed Safer Pit Bulls!

  2. The current national annual average* of officer involved justifiable homicides against felons is 373, a number already surpassed by Dogsbite’s media tracking of pit bulls shot through legal defensive action, but this number also includes citizen shootings of pit bulls.

    None-the-less, because of the nominal portion of reported citizen shootings, the current trend predicts actual officer involved shootings of pit bulls to exceed the number of human felons shot during armed criminal action.

    This statistical distinction about a breed of dog is particularly important for communities that have not already passed bans on pit bulls because they will naturally be over represented in officer vs. pit bull statistics. The net result is the unprotected communities must include a shift in focus for officer training to consider a new and historical reality…

    ***For the first time ever, police academy graduates are more likely to engage a pit bull with deadly force, than to use deadly force against a human felon.***

    *US Dept of Justice, Bureau of Statistics, 1976-1998.

  3. Really, journalists who report these stories need to ask where these dogs came from. I suggest that Dogsbite bloggers would do victims a great service by contacting news agencies which report some of the more horrific attacks, and ask them to investigate the origins of the dogs.

    Were the dogs adopted out from pit bull rescue groups? Was the dog bought from a breeder who advertises on-line? Its time to shine a bright light into the darkness of pit bull breeding operations…no one has done this yet. The scrutiny will force some of these breeders out of business, when their neighbors and insurance carriers find out what they are doing; it may also stop some of these mentally ill rescue angels who try to “save” dangerous dogs by shuffling them around to different owners.

  4. San Antonio story. They reported that dog SEVERAL TIMES over the past month and the “No Kill” animal control did NOTHING.

    We the people must sue Animal Control and the city when the laws are not upheld, and public safety is at risk.

  5. And TOTALLY agree that the media needs to start demanding WHERE DID THESE DOGS COME FROM?

    They need to be tracked to their source.

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