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14 thoughts on “Valencia High School Vice Principal Expels Pit Bulls

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  1. The irony is that the discrimination that went into the Dogmen developing Pit Bulls was/is horrific, yet it is romanticized by the nutters.. Selecting via the fighting Pit and culling entire litters of “Duds!

    The teacher who brought this high risk animal into the school needs disciplining…

  2. pit nutters say, “if it ain’t pit, it ain’t shit.”
    they blather on endlessly about how great the pit bull is and they would NEVER own any other dog.

    how funny that they fail to see that is ALSO a form of what they refer to as ‘racism’.

  3. I also believe that this teacher had these children donatibng money to this pit bull “charity.”

    It is also my understanding that this “charity” has been investigated for funds questions and issues.

    And that’s not to mention the brothel that the pit bull woman was planning to open to fund her pit bulls.

    Wonder if the parents of those school kids knew about that.

  4. Here is the arrest news article (9/15/07):

    AGUA DULCE — The ex-convict husband of a pit bull dog rescuer and one of her employees have been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation, sheriff’s deputies said Friday. Aren Marcus Jackson, husband of Villalobos Rescue Center owner Tia Torres, turned himself in to authorities Tuesday and was being held on a no-bail parole hold. Employee Kanani Chock was arrested Sept. 6 after a parole agent and six deputies went to the rescue compound where both men live in the 36000 block…

  5. This is incredulous…On the website (the link provided in the last comment), there is a 2007 discussion that talks about Tia Torres’s husband. Pit Bull Rescue Tia Torres husband ex-convict and parole arrested

    Holiday: Aren Marcus Jackson has been officially charged on felony counts and is currently waiting his next court date on the 26th (inmate locator) in the LA County slammer. Jackson is on a no bail hold for $950,000.00 (that aint chump change). Jackson married Tia Torres owner of Villalobos Rescue for Pit Bulls about a year ago, and ever since he’s been busy making a name for himself amongst the young adults of Agua Dulce, Acton, and Palmdale. Tia has been unavailable for comment other than to show her disatisfaction with those she “believes” reported her husband to his parole officer. Neighbors are outraged that such things are going on right under their noses, as are many parents who found that their kids learned more than how to clean cages while visiting the Torres family at the compound.

    In the same discussion, it appears that Jackson’s lawyer chimes in and threatens legal action against the poster, “False allegations by Ms. Chock led to the search of the Torres and other properties. There have been no complaints by neighbors, nor by parents, as alleged in Ms. Chock’s posting here. We are in the process of initiating legal action against Ms. Chock and her family regarding her defamatory statements. If she has spoken to you personally, I would like to take your declaration for use in the lawsuit.”

  6. The LA Times is mute on the subject outside of this article. And this reference to “Aren Marcus Jackson” could be an entirely different individual (1993 publication date): Countywide 2 Men Arrested in Car Theft Attempt

  7. Here’s a comment from a family member — rather a complete letter — left at the LA Weekly. You’ll need to click “Show Comments.” It is the first comment. Some snippets below.

    My experience with Villalobos dog rescue center began two years ago when my younger twin brothers Kanani Dana Chock and Keli’i Cameron Chock started working there. Prior to Villalobos, my brothers were excellent students, they were admired by peers and excelled in high school sports. However, after they started working at Villalobos, they dropped out of school and disconnected with family and friends. About a year ago, my brothers became involved with Tia Torres’ husband Aren Marcus Jackson, who had recently gotten out of jail. He had been in jail for approx 14 years for the attempted murder of two Orange county police officers. My brothers moved into a house on the Villalobos dog rescue center property. About nine months ago, we found out Kanani and Keli’i were using crystal meth intravenously. When confronted with the drug use, my brothers promised to quit. Three weeks ago, I got a call that Keli’i had been hospitalized due to a drug overdose…

    ….During this time that we learned that Kanani had been arrested for suspicion of possessing methamphetamine during a September 6th raid on the house on the Villalobos property. In addition, I heard that the officers found eight ballons of heroin on the property. To confirm this please refer to the police report. No one from the Chock family was contacted. Allegedly, Tia Torres posted bail, which was $10,000, and picked Kanani up from the police station…

  8. The Pitophiles need to pick their advocates more wisely…Seriously!

    Hats off to this principal for protecting the school district from massive liability. Additionally, most schools have paperwork and a background check that must be submitted before such visitors can enter the school.

    Sounds that policy was violated here….Wonder if the Teacher is a Pit owner?….

  9. It appears the reference to Jackson about the Orange County arrest is correct! Pretty much the exact time frame and an Orange County crime.

    Brian Thomas Greco, 27, of Arcadia was arrested 11:30 a.m. Friday by sheriff’s deputies in Newport Beach and Aren Marcus Jackson, 23, of Laguna Niguel was taken into custody by Costa Mesa police Thursday after allegedly stealing a Porsche, said Lt. Dick Olson of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

    One deputy got suspicious and was about to pat down Jackson, who drove the Volkswagen, to check for possible weapons when the suspect reached into his waistband and pulled out a handgun, Olson said. The deputy yelled, “Gun!” and jumped behind a patrol car for cover.

    According to authorities, Greco, the pickup truck driver, sped off while Jackson hopped into the patrol car and escaped. Fifteen minutes later, another deputy found the patrol car abandoned several miles away in Aliso Viejo.

  10. So, what’s up with William H Dailey Esq?
    Is he a thug too or one of those lawyers who had to take the bar exam five times? Or trying to expand his practice out of his area of expertise?
    I mean, c’mon. Everybody knows what slander and libel mean.
    Torres doesn’t sound very bright either. Why would Torres hire an attorney who specializes in alternative medicine and dietary supplement rather than defamation cases????
    Stick with what you know man.

  11. good job on the muckraking front.

    “It costs the state of California approximately $60,000 a year to house a California inmate. But for $16,000 a year, I can pay him on a salary. I keep him out of prison. So hello California, I have saved you $44,000 per person. Can I have some of that money please?”

    hmm…pits and paroles, ms torres preferred company….

    and the state coffers of course!

  12. So is the donation money that Teacher Calnan’s kids in Valencia are donating going to the dogs, or the lawyers?

    Since the husband and other man were Torres’ employees, I am thinking she can use donations for legal defense for them.

    In one of those articles, there is reference to spending thousands to take one boy out of rehab, apparently against the family’s wishes.

    What money is being used to do this?

    That poor principal in Valencia. Thanks to a reporter falling for the bait of racism (and the pit bull people spreading the link to her story around) he might be getting threatened by dogfighters across the country.

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