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9 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attacks Horse on Burnaby Trail in North Vancouver

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  1. Another BC Dine and Dash!…I’m sure the SPCA pit luvin A/C Professionals are burning the midnight oil to find these horse maulers….

  2. I lived this nightmare, my horse was attacked and that attack lasted 20 minutes and covered a mile. The leashed pit bull mix “popped out of her collar”. These attacks on horses are becoming all to frequent and we are learning from them. First, the unconfined horse will react as a prey animal and run,and may live. The horse confined in a stall or paddock frequently dies. As contrary as it seems to a horseman, the best thing we can do is let our horse go.
    Second,the mental trauma of these attacks lasts a horse’s lifetime, horses do not forget. Neither does the rider.

  3. Here’s another one:

    Downey was bitten on the heel of her boot, but it did not penetrate her skin, according to the report. The horse was bitten on the flank of her right hind leg and the upper part of the same limb.

    The horse tried to fend off the dog by kicking and stomping at Marley, which threw Downey to the ground, the report reads. Downey’s helmet was cracked, but she did not go for medical treatment. Meanwhile, the now riderless horse ran off with the dog chasing after her. Three witnesses said the dog clamped its teeth onto the horse and was hanging on while the horse ran.

  4. That poor horse, this just can’t be allowed to continue. Has England come out with the findings of their dog attack on horses inquiry yet?

  5. I forwarded information on my attack to the British Horse Society but have seen no results yet.

  6. How do horse people feel about getting kicked in the teeth by these pit bull people, who basically say that horses don’t matter and pit bulls are all-important?

    Is there anger in the horse world?

  7. Possibly pit owners feel the same way about horses as they do about cats…

    “Moved to my first apartment when I was like 19 years old. First night there my 2 APBT’s killed my neighbors cat! Next morning the little boy was calling “here kitty kitty” I felt bad but there is no way I’m going to endanger my dogs by telling them their cat was dead. The cat went into the trash.”

  8. I can assure the anonymous poster that there is absolute FURY in the horse world when horses and other livestock are attacked. We have taken our case to the The Farm Bureau and will take it to the American Horse Council as well. Financial losses to horsemen and farmers from bully breed attacks are just HUGE. Standing with our horses while the vet sews them back together, or even worse, when the vet puts them down to end their suffering is a knife to the soul.

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