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8 thoughts on “Omaha Passes Dangerous Dog Ordinance

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  1. In the end, Omaha pulled it together. Congrats to the citizens of Omaha, the council, and mayor.

  2. I think I count 5 or 6 pit bulls shot there this year. So yes, I would say it’s about time they did something.

  3. The fighting dog fanciers only have themselves to blame. They’ve had years to make the breed safer AND HAVE DONE NOTHING!

    A perfect opportunity to offer a fig leaf to society was to have someone come in and investigate the breeder who sold the mauler which scalped the Blevins girl. Instead, they sent in carpet bagging Pit Bull superstars from New York city, who did nothing but spew a smokescreen.

  4. So ASPCA came in and lobbied for the dog fighters/breeders?

    It is a terrible direction that organization has taken.

    Something has gone terribly wrong when a lawyer who owns and promotes pit bulls is allowed to turn an organization into a handmaiden for the breeding industry.

    The dogs suffer too from that kind of activity.

    I do not understand why the CEO of this formerly admirable organization would allow a zealot to take over.

  5. The Nutters are outraged that “The Experts” from the Dog Industry were not believed, much like the Tobacco industry irt Lung Cancer or the Alchol lobby when it comes to crafting drunk driving laws.

    THE FIX IS NO LONGER IN!!!!!!!!!

  6. ASPCA is a Taxexempt 501C organization…How do they get away with sending personnel to influence Legislation?

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