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7 thoughts on “Mother and Child Attacked by Family Pit Bull in Salina, Kansas

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  1. In typical pit owner fashion, this owner was not paying her fair share for the Animal Control infrastructure…yet she just consumed a good amount of its resources.

    Bill her please….

  2. If I was a pit bull owner, this would be my cue to blame the woman for training her pit bull to attack her and her child.

    I agree with anonymous, bill her, and remove what could be a breeding operation. And no rehab please.

  3. I think this is worse than just not paying license fees

    These are often illegal breeding operations, where people make a lot of money breeding litters of pit puppies to supply the fighters.

    They don’t get licensed as breeders, they don’t get inspected, they hide the income and don’t pay taxes.

    And the local authorities too often just let them get away with it with few to no laws.

    This is pretty how the entire dog breeding industry operates, and they lobby hard against any kinds of regulation.

    Licensing and inspection, however, would be one of the quickest ways to deal with the dog fighters and breeders. They don’t want to be record, and they don’t want to be inspected.

  4. And it is also why these pit bull breeders and fighters fight like devils against breed specific legislation that requires spaying and neutering, or mandatory spaying and neutering.

    It wouldn’t be as easy for them to be breeding large numbers of dogs to sell and make all that tax-free money.

    Again, they DON’T want to be on the record as being pit bull breeders, especially if someone traces a killer dog back to them.

    The pit bull breeders want to unlicensed, hidden, and operating without interference, records, or observation.

  5. The small bitch they are taking into custody looks like a dog that’s had puppies. Let’s hope they didn’t cross it with the large agressive pit.

  6. I live a few blocks away. Fault can be placed on owners and Animal control. Only weeks before this incident animal control, along with PD officers responded to a disturbance as a result of this same dog attacking a neighbors. At such time the owner pleaded to keep his dogs and against officers advice the responding animal control officer stated the dogs were not pit bull mixes. So why did they change their minds a second time out?

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