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8 thoughts on “Joplin Health Director and Local Veterinarian Distort Truth

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  1. Vets are part of the $40 Billion per year US Pet Care industry so it should be no surprise when some come out against laws that hurt their business interests. Quite simply more dogs equals more money, and then there is the saturday night windfall when distraught Aunt Millie needs her poodle sewn back together.

    Back in the 50’s Doctors actually appeared in Cigarette commercials for the tobacco companies. The dog industry has a long way to go….

  2. “I think it’s the nature of people that they are more likely to be reported than a bite by another type of dog.”

    What is this based on? What is the scientific reasoning behind people choosing to report the bite of one breed over the bite of another? The only one that possibly makes sense is that the bite of one breed causes more damage, causing it to be reported more often than any other out of neccessity, not bias as is suggested.

  3. Why would people report pit bull bites more than any other dog bite? There is no evidence that members of the general public would report a pit bull bite more often than any other dog breed other than the fact that the bite is “severe” and requires medical treatment. A few puncture wounds from a poodle may not “ignite” a person to report the incident to animal control.

    According to the local vet, members of the public don’t even know what a pit bull is, so how could they “knowingly” report pit bull bites more frequently?

    Members of the general public DO NOT identify dog breeds for bite statistics — animal control departments do. Animal control departments across the country report that pit bulls are the top biters, yet also make up 5% or less of the area’s dog population. What’s happening in Joplin is hardly unique. What is unique is that the health director has bought into the distortion logic.

  4. Many vets are directly connected to the dog breeding industry.

    This includes puppy mills, and yes some are even connected to dog fighters.

    Some vets themselves are breeders, or operating puppy mills, or yes, even breeding fighting dogs.

    Or getting kickbacks from breeder referrals and sales.

    Veterinary medicine is a for-profit industry. Most vets chase the income.

    There is a great disparity in skills and ethics from vet to vet.

    Other vets have connections to collateral groups like the AKC, who now make most of their money from puppy mill registrations and oppose breeder and breed specific legislation on behalf of their breeders’ financial interests. They could care less about people getting mauled or dogs getting abused. They are a BUSINESS lobby.

    Of course all these groups oppose regulation, and many get their shill vets to pretend to be “experts” as a business lobbying tool.

    A veterinarian’s “opinion” is only worth what their ethics allow. If they have sold out to the breeder business, these “opinions” aren’t worth a thing.

  5. And it bears pointing out that Missouri is stuffed full of puppy mill breeders AND dog fighters.

    Wasn’t it Missouri where a school principal was arrested at a dog fight? Not to mention other “authority figures.”

    The breeders in that state have a special pull with corrupt legislators, and have a big underground economy.

    There is an active pit bull apoologist trade there that is connected to the dog fighting industry.

  6. Interesting video collection. They are cloning pit bulls now.Great.

    I think a normal Vet doesn’t have to look at pit bull victims as an extra source of income. Most people have a budget for vet costs and if they have to treat their dog for a pit bull attack it usually means they are going to spend less on other medical care for their dog. Skip vacinations or teeth cleaning, or delay hip replacements, kneecap surgery etc.

    When costs are too high, these bills of attack victims can run into thousands, a lot of people who don’t have insurance, which most people on a budget don’t, have their dog euthanized instead of treated.

    I think a lot of the times pit bulls make up a large part of a vets customers because other dog owners don’t want to wait in the same room as them. If the vet makes special allowances for pits it usually means other pit bull owners go there too. That’s when they become important to a particular vet and this vet becomes biased because of that. He doesn’t want to loose most of his customers by saying pits are more dangerous than other dogs.

  7. There is also a euthanization industry and pits are the number one client. Companies profit selling doses of purple needle fluid.

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