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2 thoughts on “Two More Nebraska Cities Considering Pit Bull Laws

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  1. The Pit Bull community could avoid all this by simply breeding safer dogs.

  2. From what I understand, the owners of pure bred show breeds that fall under the pit bull designation are doing just that. However, the public won’t pay over a thousand for such a dog when they can go to any shelter or look through any newpaper and get one for far less. Dog fighters breed dogs with animal aggression, drug dealers breed dogs with human aggression, and when these dogs as puppies don’t show these traits, they dump them. Then people adopt them and they mature into what they were bred for later on. Dog fighters and drug dealers are not going to breed safer dogs because that would defeat the purpose of the dog in the first place, and backyard breeders are not equiped to do it either. And on top of that, many owners want the dogs to have these bad traits, either to exploit them or to “train” them away into lovable mushes for their own self gratification. That’s the draw, the danger and violence, and these are the only dogs they can get that fix so easily and cheaply. And that’s why they fight so hard and irrationally for them.

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