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5 thoughts on “Lawsuit with 5 Zeros: Pit Bull Attacks Customer at Tire Store

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  1. Dog trainers always have treats in their pockets! That’s why our dogs work so willingly. Many carry treats in their mouths as well, does that mean the dogs are entitled to rip our faces off?
    My husband retired lasts week and he has been taking our dog for walks in the park. He just radiates pride in this dog and how well behaved she is. He has watched me do little practice moves with her every morning with the edges of my toast in my mouth, correct, quick and willing responses are swiftly rewarded. The food held between the lips encourages the dog to watch my face and pay attention. My dog heels sideways and backward in addition to the standard forward. Excuses are being made for this pit, as we have come to expect.

  2. Sounds like the official canine greeter position didn’t work out for the pit bull.

    Ooops! Another breed ambassador makes a liar out of somebody.

  3. Must have been the tires at the which sent the greeter Pit into a beserking episode. Let’s hope criminal charges come from the “Dine and Dash” behavior. You have to be stupid as hell to commit Dine and Dash when authorities know who you are!

  4. Someone needs to educate volunteer Sarah Marsh about pit bulls. This is exactly the kind of response someone who doesn’t know anything about this breed would say. The next time this dog bites and if Sarah is the person she might end up an amputee. Could someone who reads this please tell Sarah. I’m not kidding.

  5. Google “Sarah Marsh…Pit Bulls” and see the ethereal gibberish spewed forth on some post attack threads.

    It’s disturbing that fighting dog fanciers were allowed to profilerate the Animal Control world while the public slept.

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